I had an ex-partner who had three copies of 'Eeyore's Little Book of Gloom', which had been given to him by three totally unconnected people! Luckily I only saw him at weekends, and often in a situation where there were lots of other people around - so his negativity was diluted. In many ways, he is a good person - loyal, moral and faithful - and it wasn't all negative.

But after we'd split up, in amongst the sorrow, I found myself feeling much lighter. I didn't need to worry about enjoying things which were just silly, lightweight and fun! For some people, being negative actually keeps them feeling safe and I doubt your guy's going to give up his basic personality that easily. Make sure you have plenty of people in your life who will affirm your positivity, keep doing the things that make you the person you are - and the question of whether to stay or to leave him will take care of itself.