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Thread: Sometimes I feel like running away from everything in my life

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    Sometimes I feel like running away from everything in my life

    When I'm struggling to deal with something, such as a relationship, work, finances, etc., I want to literally run away to another town and start over where no one knows me.

    Why do I keep feeling this way? Is this normal?

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    You're not abnormal. When I was going thru the worst part of my divorce, I thought "Man, when this is over, I am just gonna pick up the pieces of my life and leave here for somewhere where no one knows me".

    So I know how you feel.

    Only problem is: Where ever you go, there you are. In other words, you don't get to leave your troubles behind. Sorry. Wish you could. If so, I would have moved.

    My best to you,


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    I feel the same way! and I think allie2064 made a great point, "Wherever you go, there you are.".

    we can't escape ourselves and our emotions no matter where we go and what we do, because we everything outside quiets down, we are left with our thoughts late at night.

    not what I wanted to hear, since I am seriously considering moving to a new city and starting over, selling my car, saying good bye to my family, and starting all over again in terms of work, friends, etc...

    but it would be so lonely too!

    grr... there is a lot to consider.

    but remember it is YOUR life and you can and should live it the way you want to, and you CAN change it.

    all the best,
    take care!


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    "Wherever you go, there you are.". That's one of my favorite quotes (good one Allie!)

    I recommend running away for a day or two only. Take nothing with you that reminds you of your regular life. Get out into nature if you can. Just be somewhere different. Sometimes a change of scenery can really help with the perspective.

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    I agree with Clementine. I come from a family of runners. One thing I learned on my run following my divorce was A) You can't run away from yourself. B) Made my problems way worst. So C) Plan a trip like Clementine says.


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