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Thread: What book are you currently reading?

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    Originally Posted by jadejacob
    I'm a follower of adventure stories. Now I just started reading "The call of the wild" by Jack London.
    I've read that book many times. First got it when I was in elementary school and actually still have the same copy. I really like it. White Fang is another good one--probably my favorite.

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    "The Left Hand of Darkness" by Ursula K. Le Guin

    Published 50 years ago. Yet very much of today.

    "The book’s protagonist, Genly Ai, faces many challenges in his mission to the frigid world of Gethen, but the biggest is his struggle to understand a society of people who are gender-neutral most of the time, except for once a month when they go into kemmer and become either male or female."

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    Infinite Jest
    by David Foster Wallace

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