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Thread: Tiny bumps on lips?

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    Interesting...Its not herpes...its something else....becaaaaause, you CAN see herpes....

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    Originally Posted by WalkinOnSunshine
    When I was in high school, two of my friends--at the same time--used my chapstick and I, grossly enough, used it after them.

    Not long afterward, I developed very tiny, closely-clustered bumps on my upper and lower lips. They seem to concentrate on the outer edges of my lips.

    Other people can't see the bumps and I can only see them if I look very close in a mirror. I can, however, feel them with my tongue and when I rub my lips together--my lips just feel a bit rough in the area where the bumps are.

    They don't itch, there's no "liquid" in them and they're more or less clear.

    I just have no idea what they are. People keep telling me that they're a form of oral herpes (yum...), but they don't just appear out of nowhere.

    I've had them just a handful of times over the past five or six years. And they ONLY appear AFTER someone has used my chapstick (and yes, I know it's kinda gross to use other people's chapstick, but I've pretty much only ever done it when my lips were severely chapped--not fun).

    Anyway--does anyone have any idea what they are?

    At first, You have to make sure that these are bumps or not. Bumps on upper lips can be frustrating and very hurting on this subtle area of your body, not to mention affect your self-assurance. Sometimes the lip bumps can look like small white dots, others turn into large cysts, and some become blisters. One can cure Bumps on Lips in natural way at home with home remedies.

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    Hopefully the bumps were resolved over the past 9 years.......

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