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Thread: Is being jealous a good or bad thing?

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    Is being jealous a good or bad thing?

    I ask because my girlfriend had one of her old guy friends come up and visit a couple weeks ago. They've been friends for 15 years and she told me I had nothing to worry about. But they ended up spending the day together and he spent the night, so naturally I felt jealous. I didn't try to show it, but she could tell and I admitted it.

    Now the tables have turned. I'm going to meet up with one of my old friends of about 15 years next week. I tell her the same thing that she doesn't have anything to worry about. Like I'll tell her she isn't someone I'd date and whatnot. She tells me she's not jealous and it's perfectly fine. She says she trusts me enough not to be. being jealous a good or bad thing?

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    jealousy bad, trust good. You two are being very mature about this.

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    I think even at our best a twinge of jealousy will appear when you see your SO and a male/female friend get along so well. Not all the time, but it happens. What you did was great though, you two talked about it and were honest about it. Sounds like you know how to communicate and trust each other.

    Focus on that, better way to spend your time.

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    i don't know if you can just catagorize all jealousy. jealousy is a totally natural part of being human. you can't even really control when you get jealous most of the time. and most of the time jealousy and trust go hand in hand. it's something you yourself have to decide on the whole "good or bad" spectrum. jealousy is good. jealousy is bad.
    on this website, you are the one who knows your girlfriend and what she'd do or not do. if jealousy occurs in this situation, maybe there's some things you should talk with her about.
    are you going to hook up with this girl that you're going to see? or does she really have nothing to worry about?

    on a more... personal side. i am very jealous person. so i understand.

    i hope everything works out for you, Mr. Hyrule.

    Oh, and happy holidays.

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    I think sometimes a little jealousy can be a good thing as it motivates you to treat your partner right and give them something good to come home to- but when it interferes with your relationship or makes you view things through green lenses it is destructive.

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    have you guys ever really let to word jealousy just roll off your tongue... lol... do it... real slow... it's a nasty word!

    i agree with hope75. sometimes a little jealousy can make you realize exactly how special what you've got truly is!


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