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Thread: No Contact Support Group

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    Member mecastillo1987's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    Day 30 of No Contact from me. Went on my first date after what seemed like forever just so I don't feel so stuck in a rut. It went well. There was good food and good company. We didn't expect anything to come from it which was really nice too. I still love him, but love cannot be forced. I'm allowing for my heart to be open to new beginnings.

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    May 2009
    I Can See The Sun!
    Hmm....Almost 2 years since we broke up. Month 6 of NC for me....Still think about her everyday....but not breaking NC becomes easy....So hang in there everybody.

    One thing that has helped me in the past is, when you feel like breaking, picture in your mind that you send a text or msg and they don't reply. Then picture how you will feel 24 hours later. 48 hours later...and 72 hours later....

    That usually stops you from doing it.....

    NC (otherwise known as cold turkey in the drug/alcohol/addiction world) is damn hard, painful and trauma inducing for your brain, so be proud of every day you get through it...and also remember that if you are employing NC as a tactic to win your ex back you will torture yourself even further.....

    Do all you can to take care of yourself and your health and work everyday on working towards acceptance*

    Love n Light


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