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Thread: the big question: do shy guys act awkward around girls they like?

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    the big question: do shy guys act awkward around girls they like?

    Ive liked this guy for awhile and I found out hes never had a real girlfriend or been intimate in any way! (huge surprise for me, hes not really attractive but hes not ugly either) Im not sure about past girls he has liked, but he has rejected girls before.

    My question is, will an inexperienced guy act awkward or weird around a girl they like? Im including guys who are awkward all the time too.

    I think they sometimes will, but it doesnt always mean they like you. I wish I could tell the difference though.

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    I would say yes. I was very quiet and shy when I was younger myself. I would definitely act awkwardly around a girl I was interested in! I didn't know what to do!

    How old is this fellow?

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    Shy guys will have a blank mind when in the presense of their admiree.

    Especially if you are drop-dead gorgeous. We plan ahead on conversations, questions, jokes and topics to avoid this dilemma. With all that planning in mind, the time comes when he has to do his best to win your heart, the words will leave his head and he will sound like he's strung out about something. Mainly because he planned on conversations and now he has gone blank when he saw her beautiful smile.

    This is why us shy guys appear awkward.

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    19 years old.

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    Yes, they may act awkward, BUT if they are very shy, it may be difficult to tell if it's awkwardness because they like you or because they are just very shy generally.

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    Well, in some instances extremely shy guys do act awkward (girls can to) and have a hard time showing their true selves to that one special girl or guy.

    I had this conversation with my cousin a few weeks ago who is truly what is referred to as "love-shy" man and he is almost 30 and never had a girlfriend. He says he had a massive crush on a girl he worked with for almost 3 years (until she switched jobs) and was painfully shy and awkward around her. He regrets to this day doing nothing about it.

    He said he would become nervous, flustered in the face and excited (in many ways) when she came around. He pushed her away, told people he wasn't interested, etc. its very sad cuz he is such a GREAT guy...and is attractive as well.

    So yes, i guess its something that many people suffer from
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