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Thread: Taking a shower more than once a day bad for your skin?

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    Taking a shower more than once a day bad for your skin?

    Just wondering, Is taking a shower more than once bad for your skin?

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    not sure anymore.....:)
    Yep, you wash away all the natural oils that keep your skin supple and soft!

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    Honey Pumpkin
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    Don't think so - mind you, I'm a moisturising fiend, and always slap on loads of body lotion. I often shower twice a day; have to shower in the mornings no matter what, and then I like a shower before bed as well.

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    Mysterious Gurl
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    I think showering too much is bad for the skin as it does was away all the natural oils. It's like your hair, if you wash your hair to frequently it damages it and makes it lifeless.

    MG x

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    Miss Firecracker
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    link removed

    This is good information. I have extremely dry skin and have learned how to deal with it better lately.

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    I think you can get ringworm from showering to much and not drying off. I used to shower 3 times a day because I love the water.

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    It can be. I've hurt my own skin in the past by being 'too squeaky clean' and found that it's okay to rinse off perspiration in cool water for a few minutes, but it's even better for my skin if I minimize soap usage and/or switch to a liquid glycerine soap (i.e. Neutrogena facial cleansers) which is less drying.

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    It can be as it can dry out your skin.

    As for ringworm another poster mentioned, that is actually a fungus you need to catch first from someone, though it does thrive in damp areas (like on wrestling mats or wet towels) so if you already have it, it may increase risk of an outbreak if you often have damp skin - otherwise you really need not worry about it unless you are in a high exposure hobby/occupation (like the aforementioned wrestling).

    However, I often do shower twice a day (except of course when I am camping in middle of bush...then I jump in the lake a few times a day instead!) because I go for a run in the mornings and shower before work, but then I shower again after my commute (by bike) when I get home or after football practices/games. I only wash my hair one time/day though, and one shower tends to be just a rather short rinse with some moisturizing soap to get the perspiration off. And, I have no problems with dry skin or anything.

    I think just find soaps/lotions that are moisturizing (many of the liquid soaps will have moisturizers added for example) and moisturize afterwards if you find your skin dries easily. Try not to use really hot water, as that will just dry your skin out even more.
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    It depends on your skin type. Some people have very sensitive skin and showering too much can make them more susceptible to infections, either bacterial or fungal, depending on the ph, etc. of the skin and their exposure to various pathogens.
    If it works for you and you do not develop any sensitivity to the soap or start developing other problems, then you can keep showering as much as you'd like.


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