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Thread: Condoms

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    I was reading somewhere that said thinner condoms are more effective than latex because they cause less friction and are more likely to break. However, I know my boyfriend has said exactly the opposite, saying he has had breaks when using polyurethane condoms. Is it true that polyurethane/non-latex condoms are more recommended?

    I've heard spermicide can be damaging to the vagina...is it bad to continually use spermicidal condoms?

    Also, I've heard pulling out can be harmful as well. Is it really safer to ejaculate inside of the condom while inside your partner? After having sex, withdrawing doesn't seem like it would be that harmful. Afterall, isn't that what condoms are designed to withstand?

    Is it normal for a condom to slide up the penis during sex? I've noticed that after sex the base of the condom is no longer at the bottom of my boyfriend's penis, but more towards the middle. Is this normal/safe?

    Also, a question unrelated to condoms, but a question I had nonetheless...Swimming wihle on that time of the month, is it ok as long as you wear a tampon? My family is going on vacation to a lake this week and I've just started.

    Just trying to educate myself... =)
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    Generally, ob/gyns recommend latex condoms with spermicide, unless, of course, one of the partners is allergic to latex or to the spermicide, in which the polyurethane condoms are a good alternative. Spermicide allergies or sensitivities are quite uncommon, and spermicide is not harmful to the vagina unless an allergy is present.

    It is safer to ejaculate inside the condom while inside the partner as opposed to pulling out, though it's a pretty tiny risk. The risk of pregnancy is higher the more one manipulates the condom; consequently, if a guy pulls out before he ejaculates, the rim of the condom is more likely to slip.

    It's definitely normal for the condom to slide down during sex. It might be a bit safer if your boyfriend investigates condoms in a smaller size; they may hug the penis more securely and offer you more protection.

    As for the tampon question...absolutely. As long as you wear a tampon, it's totally okay to swim on your period

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    Yeah, swimming is fine if you wear a tampon xx
    And I have also noticed that my boyfriends condom will have risen a bit after sex, but after also asking the same question to friends- they assured me this is normal and the guy would know if it was coming up 'too much'.

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