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Thread: How do you know your allergic to condoms?

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    Mar 2012
    My bf said tht he is allergic to all condoms, wht shall I do so tht we can have sex?

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    This is highly unlikely to be true. Yes, he may be allergic to latex, but there are other materials out there. More likely is that he just hates the things - I know I sure do.

    If you're uncertain about the alternatives, the simple solution is to walk in to Planned Parenthood and ask. They'll lay out the alternatives. Condoms are actually one of the least effective methods of birth control, but people think they're more effective than the pill because you can see a condom and you can't see hormones.

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    Okay I'm honestly worried.I think I'm allergic to latex.but this time it.was different.we had sex a couple days ago and it started to burn when I peed.I've been having sex with the same guy for a year now.and I started having a little bit of a.dry irritation and clumpy distarge.what do I do

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    Apr 2009
    This thread is over six years old and the OP has not returned. Thread Closed.


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