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Thread: My struggle finally begins.

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    My struggle finally begins.

    Dear Journal,

    I've been introverted far too long. I am now finally going to begin becoming stronger for once. I am strong as it is, but I must force myself I am to gain confidence. I have been afraid to approach girls, of unpredictable situations, have worried too much...though I know there is no magic pill that will cure this and confidence moves in fluctuations, I can still improve myself. I will become stronger. I have always had friends and family to guide me...yet I have never depended on them. I have always made myself do all the work. The only true sadness is inside of me now; my world was sad as a child, but that past is over and now my future remains. If I want to be a writer, linguist, and happy (from time to time) then I must rely on those who love me and continue my path forward in life. So I have begun and so shall it be.



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    i said the same thing about myself. i got over it, and although it still comes back, i've had an amazing time with my life in high school ( if u know what i mean ).

    it will never leave you soon, but the more you stay away from it, the less doubtful you can be (depending on what you're thinking about).

    the one thing for me was getting used to how different it was to leave a lifestyle i was subject to be reserved in. truth be told, i'd just left a private school when i started (and went to a public school), so i was a bit awkward most of the time.

    i've changed for the better, though, and i wish u luck as well.

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