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Thread: Today...

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    Nov 2005


    [B] Today has been a really nice day.

    I woke up at 1:10pm! The sleep medicine I'm taking is having an unusual affect on me lately.

    I pressed out my hair today. It was fun and relaxing. I love washing my hair.
    I used a hot oil treatment, and it made my hair so curly,soft, and shiny!
    I loved it.

    It's so nice to take pleasure in the normal things again.

    I've missed out on a lot since the rape. Sometimes I get sad, but it's a different kind of sadness.

    I let myself feel it ya know, the sadness. I don't try to block it off anymore.
    And it's not nearly as intense as it used to be.

    And life isn't awful anymore. The rape, rapist, and accomplice don't crowd my thoughts anymore.

    I'm free to think of other things.

    I'm free to live. I'm not afraid anymore, and that feels good.

    I gave it to Jesus and since then things have been so much better.

    Easier, ya know.

    I leave the justice to God, he'll bring them to justice.

    And I did my part, I turned in the police report.
    It helped me.

    I am a little tired. And I do feel like crying, but I'm not ashamed to cry anymore.

    I think part of it is just grieving. I'm sure everyone has to grieve a tramatic situation.

    My birthday is coming up and I'm soooo excited!
    I'm going to be 23.

    I feel like this is going to be a happy birthday for me.
    I feel stronger, I feel like I'm growing.
    And I'll be with the man of my dreams.

    Everything is better.

    I really want to help people. People who've been raped.

    I'll be able to join a rape support group this Fall and I'm really excited!

    I want to comfort others who've been in the same situation that I've been in.

    N-Eways, I think I'll finally be able to concentrate on school.

    I really want a job though, my parents need me to help them with some of my bills.

    Whew! Life goes on, right? It's a challege though.

    It's definitely a challenge.

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    Jul 2006
    Wow you're only 23...somehow I thought you were older...maybe because of all you've been through...3 lifetimes for most people I guess. Anyway just wanted to say I'm glad you are recovering so well, and hope those idiots get behind bars sooner or later

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    Nov 2005
    Thanks Fallout!

    I hope they are arrested someday as well, I'm sure they will be.
    [B] You can only do wrong so long before it catches up with you.

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