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Thread: ::_Emily Navigates Life_::

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    ::_Emily Navigates Life_::

    Greetings everybody,

    I've only been on the "Journals" section 30 seconds but I decided to dive in and contribute.

    I've had an intriguing few days. I went to the seaside town of Brighton with a friend of mine; the hotel I booked was actually the wrong one but what can you do? It was pleasant enough - pool, friendly staff, within walking distance of bars/clubs/the pier. We were definitely the youngest residents by a good 50 years - the area I accidentally picked for our holiday seemed to be the Old Quarter of the Brighton/Eastbourne area....oh well.

    The highlight was probably me getting blind drunk in a gay bar, dragging Vicki (my friend) to the pier, standing right on the edge and serenading her with various Elton John lovesongs.

    Funnily enough, she's an ex of mine, but despite copious quantities of alcohol and sharing a double bed, Nothing At All Happened. Although she did make me buy porn, which I don't remember but I slipped over it in the hotel room when I woke up the next morning.

    This weeked my family are going away to one of those remote British cottages they are so fond of. I have declined to go; I shall be enjoying a week of junk food, beer, bad TV, art homework(argh), EXAM RESULTS! (arrrrghhh), hanging out with any friends who arn't in London/Hastings (such a well-travelled lot...) and going to my snugglebunny's...I mean, Xal's house.

    On a short, serious sidenote....the Heathrow terror alerts really shook me in a quiet way this morning. Ten planes were all set to be blown up in mid-air...the potential loss of life is utterly chilling.


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    Odd trilby hatted motorist causing chaos

    Hi Emily,

    Great you had a good time.

    You sound enthusiastic.

    At times I miss british cottages, fish and chips, kidney pie and fresh guiness stout or a bitter and the magic or funny roundabout.

    image removed

    Perhaps the funniest time I had in britain was at the "funny" roundabout in Hemel Hampstead. It's huge and got 2x2 counter revolving lanes of traffic and has 6 or so small roundabouts between those lanes. First time there, all confused, I accidentally crossed a little roundabout and I learned in due course that the usually laid back brits together with a car can be dangerous.
    It used to be called the Plough or Moor End roundabout but the "Magic" roundabout, or the funny roundabout, as it tends to be called now, was built to cope with the increased congestion that came as Hemel grew. On the first day of operation in June 1973, traffic came to a standstill and backed up to Berkhamsted. Drivers eventually got used to it although you still see the odd trilby hatted motorist causing chaos and looking totally lost on the roundabout.
    Ever been there? link removed
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