ok so i finally ended it with my "boyfriend" paul. story- we were going out for 4 weeks...then all the sudden...he stops calling and doesnt take my calls. he dose this for two weeks...i kept hoping he would call or something....but he didnt. so then i considered it over...altho we never really said it to each other....i was doing ok with the break up until yesterday. i was so depressed and suicidal, i couldnt eat, and if i did eat i would just throw it up. so i call him 2 times. the last time i said, "fine, well u havent called me for two **cking weeks so im taking that as a hint its over! good bye!!" then after that i felt a little bit better. then today i got rid of everything that reminded me of him, his number, myspace, sn, everything....except the "lips of an angel" song by hinder....i cant really get rid of that.