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Thread: Spacing out

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    Spacing out

    I'll be talking to my best friend and she'll just space out. She'll stare at one spot for up to like 5 minutes and nothing will bring her out of it until she shakes it off somehow. I waved my hand in front of her and tried talking to her and when she finally came out of it, she didn't even remember doing it.

    She's going to the doctors on Tuesday but I was just wondering if anyone knows what it could be. She has been having really bad headaches constantly for about 3 weeks and now she's spacing out. I'm really worried about her.

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    So this came on suddenly 3 weeks ago? And she wasn't like that before?

    Is her upcoming doctor's appt about this, or about something else. It doesn't sound good to me.

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    A friend of mine has diabetes, but before she was actually diagnosed with it she used to phase in and out, sometimes going up to twenty minutes without responding, or carry on conversations she couldn't remember later on...

    The medicine, sugar-balancing and all that fixed it right up, hopefully your friends just getting bad headaches... =/

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    i space out alot of the time, does she have a bad past, or has something bad happened to her? it could be she's just really worried/stressed?

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    romantic sweetheart
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    Sometimes mild sezures can cause "spacing out" like this. I hope her doctor's appointment will be able to ascertain what is wrong.

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    I've recently been told I have classic idiopathic epilepsy, so I've been reading up on the subject...and perhaps your friend has a a type of epilepsy known as "petit mal" or "absense" seizures - it's not too serious, a brain scan will confirm it and it's easily manageable.

    It's important to rule out any other causes though.


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