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Thread: Going on a diet bothers my gf.

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    She gets comfort out of the fact that you are more overweight than her. Makes her feel thin. That is what I did with my last boyfriend. I am not the same person I was then, thankfully.

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    Ha, yeah. I weight more than my boyfriend ... at least the LAST time I checked, but it's been a while. He moved back to the UK and he's been eating a lot of Indian food and beer. Either way, from the pics he's sent me, he looks the same.

    I too started taking my health and weight into consideration. Both my parents are diabetic as is my grandma on my mom's side and aunt on my dad's side. I won't state my weight here ... however, I could definitely lose 30-40 lbs. My doctor said that it's good I'm working out and trying to eat healthy because I will probably be diabetic, but it's best to try and get my weight down so I don't become diabetic soon.

    My boyfriend's never said "Oh, you shouldn't workout, or go ona a diet." Ha, he probably thinks it's good for me and I have also mentioned that the last thing I want to be is diabetic in the next year.

    Anyway, just tell her you love her and you want to be with her and you're dieting because you want to be healthier.


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