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Thread: Does she like me or does she relli wanna take it slow?

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    Lightbulb Does she like me or does she relli wanna take it slow?

    Heyy all!
    i was just wondering if a girl likes you but says she wants to take it slow does it mean she doesnt digg you that much??
    I was just wondering please anwser =) please and thanxx u!

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    Could just mean that she doesn't want to jump into bed quickly. you should talk to her about what she means.

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    If she means "I don't want to go out with you until 2010" it means she doesn't dig you.

    If she is going out with you but doesn't want to have sex or get too involved just yet, it means she wants to be careful she doesn't get hurt.

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    Taking things slowly is not a bad thing. If this woman says she likes you, then she probably does. Tell her that you respect her point of view and see what happens. I am all about honesty and it seems many people can't be honest. If she likes you, but wants to take things slow, then be there for her. If she wants to date other guys, then move on my friend.

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    Not necessarily. Obviously, it could mean that she's not sure how she feels but it also could mean simply what she said - that she wants to take it slowly. If you enjoy her company and think she's worth your time then give it a go....even if she isnt 100% sure how she feels about you, this is your chance to impress her further and make her sure!

    My ex-boyfriend had immense patience with me - he took me out to dinner, to the theatre, cinema, comedy nights, clubs - you name it - for about 6 months before he got so much as a kiss! It made me feel unbelievably special that he would put in so much effort without expecting physical rewards! I was so secure that he actually liked me. we built an incredible bond because we loved spending time together and i felt that he respected me and my wishes. I liked him a lot and didnt want to ruin it - i was enjoying getting to know him so much that i wanted to prolong it. We dated for 4 years and i was absolutely crazy about him. Give her a chance! If she's really not interested, she'll tell you. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by baller_baby21
    Heyy all!
    i was just wondering if a girl likes you but says she wants to take it slow does it mean she doesnt digg you that much??
    I was just wondering please anwser =) please and thanxx u!
    She just wants to take her time and discover you.


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