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Thread: reserve book librarian

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    Nov 2004
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    reserve book librarian

    Wow, I just came home from class and i'm in a daze because I had never ever expected to see such a fine, beautiful girl in my life tonight. She was too hot for wordssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!

    Tonight, I was going to the bookstore from class, right because I wanted to buy another required textbook. Bookstore was closed so I went over to the library, the people told me to go to the reserve branch. Went over to the reserve desk and my future muse (hopefully hopefully) was there. She was all business, but I don't know it seemed like she was being extra extra helpful without giving any signs that she was attracted to me. She like personally walked from the desk and directed me to the terminal in order to search for my textbook. Now, this whole event can be dismissed as nothing, but she was so compatible..same age, I knew she was also a student, and she's in a stationary place.

    But now common sense kicks in: How often am I really going to spend time at the reserve branch during a typical semester? Never! So guys, and gals, have you ever dated someone who was in an environment that you really had no business being in unless it was something important? How do you do it? In this situation, I'm not going to keep asking her a week from now "hey, could you show me how to work the terminal again? I forgot" then say "how's your classes going?".
    Plus we don't live in the movies. In the movie world, the guy would fatefully meet a girl at someplace, then by the fates he would accidently bump into her when she was off from work. Doesn't happen like that.

    Goodnight, looking forward to your suggestions on my plan of action.

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    Dec 2004
    You should've gotten her #. Go back and see her and get her #. And keep talking to lots of other girls.

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