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Thread: Husband Doesn't want sex with his pregnant wife

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    I personally think that one of the most beautiful sights that a man will ever see is that of a pregnant woman...in my case not just any woman but the woman that I am with now...wow...I plan on taking lots of pictures during those times and posting them up so that I can see them often...

    Besides that...I can still see how he could get freaked out from the notion of having sex with you while you are pregnant...the scientific evidence might not be enough to displace some of the deeply rooted fears in him.

    For instance I know that some spiders are not harmful at all...however I know if I were to show some women just how safe and harmless they are...they would still however just be freaked out about it...the fear alone is just deeply imbeded...He may also kind of see it as wrong to have sex with you while you are pregnant...Like a guy might be with a woman that he is dating, in public for instance, and really wants to have sex with her then...but he most likely won't just because he really feels that it is wrong to do so right then...no matter how much she beggs him to...

    A person is very complicated and I am almost sure that it has nothing to do with you being un attractive...

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    Originally Posted by Stari
    These guys might be thinking I boost her confidence in public, she might not feel as rejected when I later turn her down for sex."
    The above was intended as a joke which I thought was apparent by the rudeness of the fictive person's thoughts. Hopefully no one had to be rushed to hospital for defibrillation.

    Originally Posted by BellaDonna
    I think if you found a woman you truly loved, and decided to bring a life into the world with her, that you'd take joy in the process- belly and all. Waist to hip ratios might take a back seat for a little while.
    You are not being fair, BelladDonna. I am saying that attraction may change with physical change but I did not say that caring changes.

    No, there are no Stari juniors. Obviously, since I am on Enotalone, I have once found love. She was not very slender and she made the thought of having kids seem alright after all.

    BellaDonna's advice to the original poster was well put.

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