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Thread: sexy book

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    sexy book

    this is kind of random but what do you think about trying to get intimate with your partner over a sexy book? i was reading pamela anderson's new book which had pages filled with sexual stories of her fictional character and i thught it would be interesting to read aloud something like that with ur partner. could it work?

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    Silver Member Gilgamesh's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
    Just a tip here, but in general, guys are more visually oriented when it comes to erotica.

    but every guy is different, tough for anyone here in this forum to know what your partner would like.

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    Platinum Member RayKay's Avatar
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    Women tend to get more turned on by literature in general then men (they really DON'T read it for the articles ). I think often it is because they don't put themselves into it so much..its harder to imagine then us women are able to do.

    HOWEVER there is an exception that I have found out for my own...

    Write your OWN stories. I do this on occasion for my sweetie, when he is going on a business trip, or as a prelude to the evening while it is still morning..

    I write a 2-3 page short story, using him & I as the characters. If you have read some sexy stories, you will probably be able to figure out how to do this! Mine usually start of setting the mood, or the place. Like if he is away, the story will detail what will happen when he walks in the door on his return home. Use your own "pet names" or turn ons (like if you like ties and scarves, put them in there...if you have both said you wanted to do something..like spanking (just an example) then even write that in there). It can really open the door, and make it easier to start things...

    Just a suggestion, I know my partner LOVES them and can't wait to come home so the story can then be enacted

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