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Thread: Truth From The "First Book"

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    Truth From The "First Book"

    Truth From The "First Book"

    (What you believe will determine to you what this means)

    Masking to create no offense.
    It is said he will come again
    He will, of course not like before.
    He had set the obvious, and had said the obvious.
    An example (in a state). I do know truth; "Trust in Me"
    He will come again in the strongest of new examples
    In us. In who does. In who is true.
    True to themselves, without the chains of others
    Without the inspiration of others.
    Without the help of others. Saving us by showing how to save ourselves
    Do not waste your time in prayer, in hope, in waiting
    For that expected "Time".
    That time is, and that time is now
    And like most, his reason is misunderstood.
    Truth, in what is written, but can not and
    Will not be proven as fact.
    Belief, especially in one self is following a set; but not set example
    But, He will not come again in himself,
    For it is in us.
    People are praying; wasting time in his example.
    Ironically he has gained what he had tried to end. We have complete control
    He will come again in the form of Truth
    When someone chooses to be who they are
    The blind who will finally choose to see.
    But this time not as example.
    This time in what 'He' will choose to be
    This time in what 'He' believes is to be "Free"
    Will he come again; yes and of course no
    His example lives on in Me<-----(For you judgmental fools I do not mean myself)
    His example to protect ourselves, and
    Show us how to be ourselves, and
    Who we call "I" and "Me"
    Trust and you will See



    Try fitting it with this if you would like.

    Path To Recrudescence

    "Music is the Eldest proof of weakness, as is Language is the Oldest proof of lethargy" -Tony

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    Its a great poem, I like how your work shows things through a unique point of view. you are an excellant writer

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