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Thread: My wife wants to separate

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    Jul 2005
    Well we had a massive blow out - I knew she had lied to me about going out the other day, it was just to somewhere local but she would not take the kids even though I was working - she had said she got stuck in traffic - I suspected something and I know its wrong but I checked her phone and there it was a 45 minute telephone call. Well she had acted strange all day and then the argument started....the phone call came up... and she told me about another secret she had - someone local had been "after her"...she wouldn't tell me who.. but told me "her head had been turned" but she hadn't done anything about it yet - sound familier? The argument continued til late in the night and started again the next morning - a lot came out and the long and the short of it is that we eventually ended up in bed making love!...and the outcome being that she still loves me - she doesn't "fancy" me as much as she used too but is willing to try again and rekindle this !!!!! So heres to hoping that this is real from both sides of the relationship - We have some issues to deal with but then who doesn't. I've got to learn to trust her again for a start - and got to believe that this is really what she wants. For the first time for weeks my head doesn't hurt and we seem like a family again.

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    Good - but don't lete her play head games like that with you again.

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    kitteh ville
    During your talk/fight, was was said about this guy who was interested in her, and what did they talk about during that 45 minute conversation? How does she plan to handle advances from him in the future? Did you talk about this? You should, he's not just going to dissappear, and if she talked to him for that long she definitely gave him the impression she was interested back.

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