Hey, Fred,

You told me I am lying about you. Nope. Not lying.

Now listen. I posted this on another forum. You just have to stop what you're doing and try to believe that some people may want your good in life, not demise. I'm not your enemy, dude. I never was your enemy. I won't be that now.

Go on with your gf. Be healthy. Admit your mistakes. If you believe in second chances, it could be that you haven't even had yours yet.

You need to stop BS-ing; you know exactly what I'm talking about. Stop shifting the blame. You can't change what you said; it's past. You can't change anything past.

But you can change your future. So, change it!

We are behind you all the way as you do, whether it's inconceivable to you or not. If you're gonna be a jerk, fine. But we do want your best.
Stop lying. You know better. So, be better. You can have your dreams, but you must be honest about your actions and mistakes. You know better!

Fred and Martha, I wish you well. But be honest.

The story is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.