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Thread: A Question for Everyone Who Has Met Someone Online.

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    Originally Posted by *cassandra*
    But I have never ever had a relationship where I have been able to talk to my parents.

    if you would like to keep them happy press 1
    1. Do not tell them anything.

    if you would like to keep tell them and keep them relatively happy press 2
    2. Tell them but tell SLOWLY (as I said in the previosu message)

    if you would like to have unpredictable result press 3
    3. tell them right away.

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    Cassandra, hun... I have been dating consistantly since I was 14. I NEVER, EVER let my parents in. I never wanted to tell them about my boyfriends because I knew they'd pry, or disagree, or constantly disrupt my life.

    My fiance is only the second guy I've dated that I've really let my parents get to know. And while they were a tad apprehensive about how we met, they also understand that we're both adults AND they were just happy that I was finally letting them in.

    You never know how they'll react. but if you're just honest with them, then they can never throw any of it back in your face. The more you try to cover up, the more likely it is that your secrets will come back to bite you.

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