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This is a complicated story (arenít they all)? I met my ex girlfriend online in July of 2017. I was 30, she was 18. Please do not rush to judgement. It was just a flirtation at first, but the more and more we spoke, we began to develop a very strong b
Posted in Getting Back Together by SesameOil
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I had no idea something could hurt like this. I have been married for 12 years, itís not our first marriage so our kids are grown, money is not a big worry, and we really do like each other. I thought we were happy, there has been some stressful issues
Posted in Infidelity by Newmoney2006
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About a year ago, I met this awesome guy in a video game chatroom. I know, but we were just friends. We had instant chemistry and about 3 months in we were planning to meet. Well, he got into drugs and said his life wasn't going very well. He shut me out
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Janetlane
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Hi, I'm not sure if I'm over reacting here but I know I probably have at some point due to shock. My boyfriend and I have been on/off for 5 years. In that time we've always loved each other but circumstances came along that caused conflict and for each
Posted in Relationship Advice by Icedgem1234
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So there is this guy and i did write my other thread in regards to both of us being shy to talk to each other but i want to hit it off coz it looks like he aint doing anything. but i am like a really awkward but like gumby kinda weird girl who just keeps
Posted in Conversational Tips by shygirl204
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A quick bit of background... I was married for 10yrs and separated from my wife about 18months ago. A year after separation I felt ready to get 'out there' again and so looked into popular dating apps. I had good results from the outset, have met a number
Posted in Dating Advice by newly
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My boyfriend and I live together. We have had a great relationship, with a few bumps here and there, but generally speaking everything has been great. We have been talking about marriage and kids a lot recently, and I wholeheartedly (used to) believe he w
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by timmyyyturn
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So I have this friend, I've known him for something like 8 months. Now we've never actually met IRL, as we live very far away from eachother and we're both students so obviously we can't afford airplane tickets and whatever. We do talk about it doing it
Posted in Relationship Advice by plzno
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Hello! First time poster here, and a little warning, its long. I donít even consider this person an ex-girlfriend because technically she wasnít, but to me, it sure does feel like she is. Stick around for a good story. We were introduced to each oth
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by ArmyROTCwolf
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Hello all. So, I just recently started a new job a few weeks ago and now I secretly miss a few things about my old job like mainly having off days and time to "recharge." This was a part time job and although it did not provide me with benefits, but did p
Posted in Career, Money and Education by princess34
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I'll try to summarize, but lots of factors and moving parts here. Im male, 50s, and living in another country with very different culture and have been trying to keep my own business going here for few years. Was going quite well and was happy and had nic
Posted in Friendship and Friends by hp1
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So there is this guy, and we have a thing, like I approached him last year and we kind of hit it off, but since he has no social media, its kinda hard to keep up with him and its a new year and he is being so shy again and he gives me mixed signals and i
Posted in Dating and Shy People by shygirl204
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I recently had a case of streptococcus. Iíve been taking antibiotics for three days ( have to take it for another seven ). My last case was quite a few years ago . My last case though was so severe that my throat swelled, the outside of my neck was swo
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by ~Seraphim ~
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I honestly don't know what I am doing here but I just need to say this, Basically I am a male and I'm around 18 and I like the same gender, I can't even say the words literally it's not right I feel trapped and alone because all my mates are straight and
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by LewisHidden0
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've officially been with my boyfriend one month but we saw each other for 5 months before that. He's a bit older than me (36 and I'm 22). Anyway, he's always been attentive in texting, sometimes a bit too much, sometimes he will text me things and if
Posted in Relationship Advice by hacuffiend
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Hello everyone it has been a long 5 years of marriage where there has been turmoil between my mom and my wife. I am going to try and break this down as easy as I can so you can get the most of the story and see if you have any advice. My wife and I go
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by SeanGravel
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Dear, long-lost ENA'ers! (Or am I the one long-lost?) It's been many, many ages since I posted a question on this forum, and I have missed this community greatly over the last few months (and years), as I've had to leap-frog from personal trial to per
Posted in Parenting and Families by tiredofvampires
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I have this guy friend who's known me for nearly a year now. We have worked together on many projects and share almost all classes together. I'm not really the kind of person to make friends easily; i come off as cold and closed up. Him, on the other hand
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by docking517
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Bumped into a guy the other day that I could have dated in a parallel universe. The mutual attraction was there, but I was on the precipice of wreckonciling with my ex and I followed my heart that way, and this guy moved interstate anyway so, although weí
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by 1a1a
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My ex(19F) and I(22M) were in a LDR for about 6-7 months, and both of us have anxiety with hints of depression. Before we got into the relationship we had asked if we were willing to try an LDR and we both had said yes. We lived 2-3 hours away and with he
Posted in Getting Back Together by EverLearning
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