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Quick back story, after not this past hitch but hitch before that ( oilfield lingo a hitch is time at work in my case 28 days) I went to see the fiancť, had a great time, we talked a good bit, I thought had a plan in place, paid her rent etc etc. I go bac
Posted in Relationship Advice by Capttrae
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I know that this is long, but please bear with me. First of all, some background. I met my fiance eight years ago, a week or two before I turned 18, he 24. (I am 26 now.) I'll refer to him as 'T'. He is the only man that I have ever been with, and that
Posted in Relationship Advice by Katyanari
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Me 20 Her 21 Brother 19 Together 2 years She finally admitted it to me. My brother started to flirt with my girlfriend and kissed her. She then slept with him in his bed. She cheated for 4 months, and then dumped me for him. Since I live at home , I s
Posted in Infidelity by Hatemylife19
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I'm hoping someone can help me with some advice on how to politely back out of meeting someone in person. I had been talking to this guy through online dating for a couple of weeks. As we'd been talking, I picked up on some minor red flags, but generally,
Posted in Dating Advice by einsteins_girl
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I recently made a tinder, not really expecting to find the man of my dreams or anything, but more so just for entertainment. I never expected this to happen but did match with one guy who I started talking to and we agreed to meet up for a drink. I though
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by tesscap21
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For about two years me and my best friend did everything together. We used to hang with each other all the time. He was the only person I hanged out with because I seriously enjoyed his company, and nobody elseís. My family all meet him and loved him. Ev
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by iseam
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Hey guys, I need second opinions on this issue. Iím not even sure if this is a marriage, financial, personal growth, or all three... but my husband and I have been arguing recently over this issue. Heck, Iím not even sure whoís even right on this. Iím
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Snny
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Hey guys, I need some help. I live with my bf who is 26 yo (and Iím 24) and we have been together for 5 years now. 3 months ago he kinda abruptly stopped wanting to have sex with me. We used to have sex like 4, 3 times a week and in the last 3 months it
Posted in Relationship Advice by Mikafierce
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ok this is the first time i am doing this, but i just need to vent and some advice of someone who doesn't have a biased opinion because theyre our friends. i have been with my boyfriend for two years now and i love him sooo much i couldn't imagine livi
Posted in Relationship Advice by ghighix
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Hi all, I'm doing ok, but it's still hard sometimes. It's been almost 3 months NC. Nothing from her, nothing from me. I'm a good guy, kind and sweet and hard working, pretty good looking, but I still haven't met anyone who has stuck. I have been on a
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by MrRedTech33
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her reasons for giving up on us were all over the place and didn't really seem like she'd thought it through enough, she was balling her eyes out blaming herself on account of stress and not having enough time for me, her kids and work combined. I care ab
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Muggz33
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Hello everyone and thank you in advance for your advice. I've been with my girlfriend for almost 4 years now and we've recently started discussing whether we are compatible long term or not. She has said that she sometimes wishes she was with someone m
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by DevinDeCicco
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Iím currently in the process of trying to stay NC and im severely struggling. Itís tearing me apart, I canít think straight when I wake up, at home, the only time I can is work. Iím busy. Iím home alone for two weeks and I havenít got many friends, th
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Kimbles1215
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Hi, Iím at a loss and well I dont know how to ďget over itĒ I met this girl back in 2013 after 6 months of dating we moved in together. I had just been dealt some pretty hard blows by my job and probably wasnt ready for a relationship but my fears
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by 19Nick87
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Hey guys, So I am needing some advice. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. Early in my relationship he did cheat online, since then I have tried working on that and getting past it because I gave him another chance. My boyfriend and I met
Posted in Relationship Advice by Me666
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Lon story short I moved into a new school, got into a group of girls and we all got along like thy all friended me on Facebook, a few days ago it was the last day before our last exam and I texted each of the girls individually and in each text I thanked
Posted in Relationship Commitment by Pinkmarbles1
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I met a guy on a dating app last summer. We didnít actually meet up in person until December but spoke regularly. By the first two weeks of January we were official. I met his family and we saw each other regularly. He is very hot headed and his family sa
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Jen89
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I'm going to preface this by saying that I am very self-aware that I have self esteem and insecurity issues, which do make relationships a little challenging for me. I've been cheated on in the past and have really struggled in my new relationships since.
Posted in Trust and Relationships by han123
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So it's been almost 3 years that I've been with my boyfriend. The longest relationship I've ever been in also. All of his old life is in other states. We live together, we've had our ups and dows like everyone but something that is hard is he really doesn
Posted in Relationship Advice by barrelracer715
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For some reason it is not clear to me how to add to a user's reputation when I am on the forum on my phone. On my computer there is clear symbol that I can click on that let's me do so. Am I simply missing how to do it? Thanks for any help!
Posted in Forum Assistance by SGH
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