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Do you have to pay to be able to have the option to private message?
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by mrmojo
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2006 Ok my girlfriend and I been together since 2006 when we both were 25 years of age .... things were extremely great and we fell in love to the point of being inseparable.. 2008 2 years later we moved in together and I felt suffocated that time
Posted in Infidelity by Coach nerd
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Me and my boyfriend havent been together ling maybe a few months. Me and two of my best guy friends and one of them is my brothers best friend to we decided we were gonna hang out and drink. we had drank to much and my older brothers/ my bestfriend had ki
Posted in Conversational Tips by BritneyMelton
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I guess this could have been posted in the 'Personal Growth' forum, but I digress... I am in a weird situation. I have a mental illness that effects my entire being. I am wide open to the influence of others' energy and my perception of their percep
Posted in Relationships by samspruce
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Hi there, I've been going out with a guy who is very modest, polite, old school, we could say ęthe perfect gentlemanĽ, but of course much older than me. But the problem is, he's been taking things too slowly because he's testing the waters, aka, he has
Posted in Age Gap Relationships by Indi
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Okayyyyy so. For some reason my last attempt posting this from my phone didn't work, so here I go again, lmao. Almost a month ago (February 23rd) my boyfriend and I broke up. We were together for a little under 5 months, and it was a very intense and i
Posted in Breaking Up by DoneTooSoon
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Hello, I'm seaking some advice, what to do, if this is normal, am I asking to much!? Soo, I've been together with my boyfriend for more than a year, and I'm missing the romance! He never said I love you first, he really dousent text me first when we are a
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by LinkaLinda
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I came across this beautiful woman in an art museum two years ago and by luck I got her name. I added her on social media and I texted her but she did not reply she just added me back. Time passed and I fell in love with another woman. She was spending th
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by anonymous451
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I was in a nine year marriage. For some reason, I could never trust my then husband and gave me reasons to believe he was cheating on me. Out of revenge, I decided to do the same. Met a complete stranger and met up for sex. Instead of feeling even with my
Posted in Relationships by Sparrow82
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What are your thoughts on "Right person, Wrong Time"? Would love to hear stories of people who broke up due to bad timing in their lives and they ended up back together when the timing was better. Or if the concept is BS, let me know too! You love each
Posted in Breaking Up by LLCoolJay
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I have been reading up on this over the last week because I have been getting comfortable with someone who came back my way 6 months ago..-- but, he has gone quiet a couple of times. We were involved a cpl years ago, for about a year.. things went dow
Posted in Dating by SooSad33
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This is going to be a long post. My boyfriend of 10 months decided to pull the plug on our relationship 3 weeks ago. Everything in the relationship was mostly good, but he later told me that he was unable to fall in love with me and he doesn't know wha
Posted in Breaking Up by boocybear
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I move out of Grandma's house. She doesn't like her attitude. So now I have to push the moving plan up and my savings won't likely happen. I'm on day visits now, she is starting to want to see my brother and his family but really doesn't want to see my
Posted in Parenting and Families by Jetta
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I was friends with my boyfriend before we started dating last spring. About a month before we started dating, he joked on his birthday that all he wanted was a nude from this girl in his college program named Morgan. He commented on how much he had wanted
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by han123
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Like if you guys broke up with a mutual understanding or even if it wasnít mutual and one person dumped the other do women and men completely not miss that person and not think about them and just move on happily ever after with whoever they left that man
Posted in Dating by Starborn
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So Iíve posted on here a few times and I just want some advice about this text my ex sent me. We havenít talked in a while but a little back ground, we didnít break up because of cheating or anything. It was really petty and I made all the classic break u
Posted in Breaking Up by Smw23xx
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I've been in a relationship with this girl for close to 6 months now and I'm just not falling in love with her or building on any romantic feelings i had at the start. At this point i feel shes more of a friend than a girlfriend and I feel its time to end
Posted in Breaking Up by lenovo
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Ok, here it goes, I'm devastated, 4 year relationship, with ups and downs, lately mostly downs, she's been my dream girl, we used to have an awesome relationship most of the time, she would understand me, i would do the same, we would be perfect for one a
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by mrmojo
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My girlfriend and I, have a 20 year age gap. She's 22 years old and I'm 42... I'm lucky enough to look a lot younger than my actual age but I'm still older looking than her. This girl has showed me she likes me and has cleared my doubts and insecuritie
Posted in Age Gap Relationships by october12
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