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So long story short, I've known this guy since I was legit an infant, theres 9 years age difference between us, our families have been close since before either of us were even born. This past May, a group of friends and us were all out camping and one th
Posted in Dating Advice by mzhyde
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Hey eNA, My girlfriend (of one year) recently shared something disturbing with me. We were at a party and she blurts out how she hates and canít stand a guy. Naturally, I thought he broke her heart as they were travel buddies in Australia for a year. T
Posted in Relationship Advice by Goodfellas
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Been a long time since I've been here, I know. Life has been going well for me - I work in a job that finally nets me a lot of money, I get plenty of OT, and I'm in an environment that I finally feel like I belong in. Stressful, yes, but nothing I can't h
Posted in Relationship Advice by Fudgie
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Hi all, I need some 3rd party input and I always appreciate everyone's insight here. Not sure if I'm overthinking this, but here goes: My fiance and I have had a bit less sex for a few months, and while it didn't bother me too much in the beginning,
Posted in Relationship Advice by BecxyRex
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I have been in a long distance relationship with my bf for two years and have moved back permanently to test things out for 6 months. When I returned, sex was good and we were happy, although sex always on his terms. I am living in between his house (he l
Posted in Relationship Communication by KayB87
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Hello. So I have been in a relationship for just over a year. My girlfriend even since the beginning has numerous times cancelled plans when we were to be together. Whether going out, hang out at home or whatever. She is very I'll now. She was just dia
Posted in Relationship Advice by Eden305
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Recently the guy I like started ignoring me (we are both high school students). Since it is?/ was? mutual but none of us dared to make a move (we have never spoken to each other), might he have lost interest or even started disliking me?:icon_sad:
Posted in Love Advice by rainday
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Hello, Iím new here. This is my first post. Iíve been scouring the Internet looking for a place that might be able to offer me some advice. I hope this is the right place. Please let me know if Iíve made any etiquette errors. I thought break up would b
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Ace91
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Hi, I'll try to keep this as condensed as possible. My boyfriend and I were together 4 months before I went to study abroad (a decision made before meeting him). At first we were meant to break up for the 5 months I am away, but we ended up doing long di
Posted in Relationship Advice by Anwa6620
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I'm graduating from high school this year and while I am applying to other universities, there is a certain community college I visited and I envision myself going there over any other university. I don't know if it's necessary to say, but I want to get m
Posted in Career, Money and Education by juliarmumford
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A couple days ago, I asked a girl who I've known for a while out on a date over the phone. Or rather, I asked her what her schedule is, because I was wondering if she wanted to go on a date (and yes, I flat-out used the word "date" when I talked to her to
Posted in Dating Advice by NotSure4358
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Are there any guys or girls here 40 or older that never had a gf/bf? If so what's your story and reason? Does it bother you at this old age of never having a gf/bf?
Posted in Finding Love and Soulmate by iwishiknew
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I met a girl at my gym, asked her number, then asked her out. First date wasn't bad at all - no awkward silence, flowing conversation, a lot of eye contact and heartful laughs. Problem is, she's a bit evasive and flaky. For instance, yesterday we planne
Posted in Dating Advice by AleSommacal
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Hi all, Since my breakup 2 years ago I have struggeled severely with video game addiction. It has gotten to the point where I play almost 12 hours straight on the weekends and on weekdays during school I rush through homework to get on the games. This
Posted in Personal Growth by Randomguy20551
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So, I just got out a pretty bad relationship. She was dealing with some major things in her life, she was a very depressed person, on top of having many medical issues, she didnít work, and wasnít planning to. She just seemed to always bring me down and b
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by AlexIsok12
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I've been in a relationship for 7 months with a really amazing guy. He came to the US in January on a one-year visa. We met in March and things could honestly not be better. His job provided him with undesirable housing and after about July or so he p
Posted in Relationship Advice by jnr586
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Iím just curious to see if this is common and how others deal with it, or if itís something unhealthy that I should address with my therapist. Honestly I feel really embarrassed to talk about it but itís doing my head in and Iím finding it quite upset
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by thornz
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3 months ago, one of my oldest friends got back in touch with me. The last time we saw each other was when we were kids. He and his brother were the sons of my parents best friends so we were all very close back then. The best friends I ever had. We all w
Posted in Friendship and Friends by RayofLighten
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I've been grappling with this for almost 2 years. In brief - I've generally identified as straight. In fact, I even started this message board after looking for support with a breakup from a man (I'm a cis gendered straight(ish) woman). In sum, about 2 ye
Posted in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender by stella m
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I would like to become a handwriting tutor for adults and children .. how would I go about this ? I never tutored before. My handwriting is pretty good ..
Posted in Career, Money and Education by Chocolate25
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