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Hi guys, My bf of almost two years texted me Sunday morning after ignoring me all night to tell me he thought we should take a break but he didnít say why. Then when I texted back and tried to get answers and call, I got nothing. So I didnít go to w
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Kkmart22
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Over the past several years myself and a coworker have been doing a similar job at different worksites. We see each other frequently at training and meetings. Iíve been in a long-term relationship the entire time; I donít think sheís currently involved wi
Posted in Friendship and Friends by Ridgewood
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Hi, I suffer from mild to moderate depression and moderate to severe anxiety. I am on medication (which has always worked very well until recently) and am in cognitive behavioural therapy about 6 weeks to try and overcome my issues so that I can come off
Posted in Personal Growth by thornz
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How long does healing after a breakup really take. It seems like the faster I keep wanting to move on the faster I fall right back to him. Is there an actual time limit per say? 7plus years being with someone doesn't just go away like that and to hi.
Posted in Breaking Up by AAvr1315
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Hello, I am 30 she is 26 Thank you in advance for responding/commenting. My ex and I got together a while back, she was so into me, literally great relationship at first and within months she was moving 100km, to a new job in order for us to live
Posted in Getting Back Together by kapitanklos
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This wouldnt make sense unless I just said this: so this guy is my roommate, annnnd I like him. Our other roommates confessed to me the other night that they can feel the energy and, ahem, 'tension?' , between us just from the way we talk and how we look
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by KtheViolinHead
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We have been together for 3 years. Everything was fine, we don't argue and no bad feelings. The only thing I complained is he is too busy with his work and his kids. I asked him spend more time with me. We basically meet on one day on weekends. He didn't
Posted in Love by Trying again
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Hello, everyone I'm here because I really need some advice. I've been think of trying to have a relationship again but I'm not sure if I should even bother because of how badly it has turned out for me my in the past. I'm open any advice anyone has for me
Posted in Relationships by Taurus1
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Hey everyone :) I met someone from OLD on the weekend that I thought had potential. Date was good, he is cute, funny, and we have lots in common. He texted right after the date, and I followed up the next day with a text. Nothing from either of us
Posted in Dating by maew
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I want to start with some background information. I am 18 and so is my boyfriend. I am in my first year of college and he is a senior in high school back home. We have been dating for 2 and a half years. I only live like an hour away and we see each other
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Peyton12
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So if you read my initial post, i was dumped for another guy after 6 years, i caught her via social media, 5 dates so far with him, while telling me to give her space and that she loved me and that she was coming back. Anyway, when i talked to her i sa
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by mrmojo
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I can't seem to let go of my ex. We had a decent relationship, but it ended badly and she ran out with her ex behind my back. We left each other alone and then she started drunk texting me at night. Then we have this back and forth for like 6 months.
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by MrRedTech33
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There's this girl at work that I like and she likes me too. I know this because her friends have flat-out told me to my face that she likes me. Every day at work, we both work on an assembly line type of area where we take boxes off of the line and sor
Posted in Relationships by girlplay
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I just got ghosted from a 9-month relationship with a woman I deeply has been hard on me. I went to a therapist and was diagnosed as codependant - which I agree with. One of the exercises the therapist had me perform was to create a list of
Posted in Breaking Up by JohnBest
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Hello Someone has recently done this to me. I was casually seeing this guy, we hadn't really had the chat about making anything exclusive and we both figured it wouldn't work because he is in process of relocating. It was more like a deep friendship. A
Posted in Dating by waterpoppy
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Hi everyone, Iíll try to explain quickly a bit about myself, Iím 42 and have a little girl who is 3. My daughters father walked away during my pregnancy so I decided to go it alone and bring her up on my own with the help of my wonderful family. We hav
Posted in Dating by Blossom16
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So last week my ex texted me and said he wanted to get back. I told him is he sure about it and he said yes. I explained to him that im scared that i will hurt again and heís gonna leave me. He said he wont because he still loves me. So i said okay becaus
Posted in Getting Back Together by Miss Y
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My boyfriend and I have been together for a year. we met when I was 13 and went out for a month but we broke things off. we remained friends and stayed in contact with each other but he was at a different high school from me and so we never saw each other
Posted in Getting Back Together by Renee1111
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Hey, I've been falling for a friend of mine for a while now and I haven't yet told him how I feel. I think maybe he's started to get feelings too and it freaks me out a little bit in a good way? Anyway, we're kind of friends with benefits at the mom
Posted in Dating and Shy People by LockerBunny
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Iím on an online dating website, got talking to a guy, seems nice we swapped numbers and he rang me. We had quite a long conversation and agreed a day and time for a meet. Now his profile said he was 38 (Iím 32) so he was just in my age range that I h
Posted in Dating by Newtoothis
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