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Tonight, my ex dropped an atomic bomb on me. ****. Iím in disbelief. Iím just numb. Period. Talked to my ex tonight (whom I have three children with). She told me she was pregnant. I asked with who ? She said she didnít know. Itís between 2 different
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Red88
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I am really missing my son. He committed suicide 9 years ago. His birthday is coming up he would have been 23, it's totally my fault he's dead. God spoke to me and said he would commit suicide if i followed a certain path. I did it anyway despite the warn
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Jetta
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I recently started using a dating app and went on two dates with a guy (last weekend and the weekend before). I don't think we are a match but I did really enjoy the time we spent together and liked him as a person. We spent the night together last time -
Posted in Dating Advice by lifesatrip
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Following my break up 5 weeks ago Iíve had an offer of a date. I know I am not over my ex and it will take a long time to get over him. Is it too soon to accept a date? Is it a good thing to do to help the healing process? I donít want to lead anyone
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by EnglishRose9
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And I fear the next days. Last week I had an argument with my best friend's friends, because he borrowed something from me and wouldnt return. This week was her birthday and she didnt invite me. Our mutual friends arent talking to me, I feel very lonely b
Posted in Personal Growth by Dadadaisy123
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Im going to try to make this short so Im not going to try to say things nicely, just bluntly so you get can my honest perspective. I love my fiance and his family too, this is just the truth and the way things are IMO. Most of his siblings have kids and d
Posted in Parenting and Families by girl00
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What techniques and behaviour modification can you recommend to bolster poor self esteem and maintain a newly developing fragile sense of higher esteem? I will start with my suggestion - moderate your self talk, be gentle and encouraging when talking/
Posted in Personal Growth by thornz
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Hi! I posted a while back about the same problem. I am emotionally so unstable right now and I just can't think straight anymore. I'm so exhausted of fighting every day. The problem is about my boyfriend acting mean and saying mean things to me. All
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Christy21
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When to unfriend and unfollow? Hi all, I wonder if I could get some advice. Iím on day 11 currently of NC. Essentially, he needs time, not ready etc after a past of me pushing him away. There is some scope to rebuild but itís in his court after th
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by riverdeep33
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A situation has come about recently that has absolutely blown my mind. It's actually quiet funny. The problem is, I can't laugh about it, at least not just yet. While it is funny, it is also VERY scary, because it could end up affecting me in a very bad w
Posted in Friendship and Friends by WorkSux56
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Met a guy at an open mic night about a month go, who was very unambiguously into me at the start and asked me to ask him out. I thought he had a nice face and I was a bit interested but he's not my usual type and I was still shaking interest in someone el
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by 1a1a
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please be nice as Im quite fragile about this. I think if I get other perspectives from people who listen I might have a better view on it. Basically I feel like an after thought and forgotten about a lot. I have a big family and Ive been going through so
Posted in Parenting and Families by Arinamaya2017
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so I just helped my girlfriend move apartments last week. I had to help due to her credit being screwed up by her baby father. Quick note about him, they had a daughter but she is now 4yo. She can't stand him, and all he's done is ruined her life. So
Posted in Trust and Relationships by Norton360
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My parner (25yo male) and I (24yo female) have been dating for two and a half years. It is mostly long distance as he gets sent away a lot for work purposes (months at a time). After our eight month benchmark I found out he started comunicating with his e
Posted in Relationship Advice by yollie
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Hey guys, I haven't come here for a while for advice, but today I'm feeling a little bit down and feel like I'm hitting a brick wall. In any relationship I've ever been in (since I was 16 years old) I've always experienced relationship anxiety. I becom
Posted in Relationship Advice by Pretzel
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Thereís been many horrible fights since we started dating. Things always escalate way more than they should. We got into an argument this morning and I stayed as calm and collected to avoid a huge blow out. I canít handle it anymore. I stayed calm and the
Posted in Age Gap Relationships by Jenniferowen
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Hello! Here's my story. I dated a nice guy for a few times. It all went good everything was going nice. One day he asked me out but he actually forgot about our date because it turned out that he had a really messed up day. I felt rejected and my ego was
Posted in Dating Advice by Jeannette80
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Are you a victim of childhood emotional neglect? If so then I would like to ask for your experience! Only recently I found out about all the symptoms of childhood emotional neglect. I could relate to every single one of them. Symptoms include feeling l
Posted in Personal Growth by Jonagoldappl
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Is it normal I several times a day think about my ex in good terms and also in bad terms although i have a gf who i love and is the most important person in my life? I broke up with my ex a few months ago and it was one of my hardest times in my life, we
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by peterbransky
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I have a relationship problem which is causing a lot of stress and unhappiness. Iíve gone from being angry to just sad and depressed to wanting to move out ASAP. Iím hoping for you to listen and give me some feedback. I think the answer Is I just need to
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by KarlT
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