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Can a guy still be interested in you if they take a long time to reply to your texts? Like they reply with in depth answers/ or text back wanting to go out with you, but usually take a while to answer the text in the first place? What are your opinions f
Posted in Dating by aukaet
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Here is the context: I met this girl a month ago in an online meetup group. We became pretty good friends and I knew since the first meetup that she was single since casually joked about it a bit at that meetup. About 2 weeks ago, a new person joined our
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by qwerty0987
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I split up with my girlfriend 3 weeks ago, trust had gone on her behalf and decided to end it with me after 2 years together. I tried NC and lasted a week, I found out she had been on a date and messaged her. I then lasted another week and text her again.
Posted in Getting Back Together by England1984
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Have you ever been in a situation where you and one friend had a bit of a fallout and the next thing you knew, EVERYONE was mad at you? It was like the individual with whom you had the fallout got on a PA system and put the word out that you had been mark
Posted in Friendship and Friends by WorkSux56
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So I've been in a toxic relationship for 8 years , the entire relationship has been based around cheating and violence! I honestly can't remember the last time I went a day without flinching. We have a beautiful 3/ almost 4 year old who's never really wit
Posted in Relationships by Sophialoren
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So I finally decided to re-activate my twitter in order to follow people who tweet about business, investing and stocks since Iím trying to learn more about that kind of stuff, which my boyfriend suggested I should do. So the first person I think to follo
Posted in Dating by lm1990
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Itís been 4 weeks since me and my ex girlfriend broke up. 2 weeks going NC. Out of boredom/curiosity I joined a online dating app. I met a girl and she messaged me. She took the initiative and wants to meet (something Iím not used to) I agreed and I tol
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Drumzzz
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My ex and I broke up a week ago. We dated for 7 months and it just didn't work out. A few months ago we were out a charity benefit and his old high school friend showed up. I thought he was super handsome and we actually ended up having a lot in common an
Posted in Breaking Up by shopgirl9690
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Hereís the deal: Girlfriend and I broke up in May. In August, we sorted out our differences and reconciled. I have recently learned that she matched with an old friend (someone I used to attend school with, I havenít seen him in about 2 years, we keep
Posted in Relationships by CoverUrBases
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Hey everyone, I'm new here but need some help/opinions. I recently met this girl a few months ago who is running for office (won't give too much info on her for privacy reasons). I've been volunteering as well and I think there is something between us.
Posted in Dating by ikonik
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Hi a guy I like gave me his number so I texted him and we met for coffee and got on well so we met and went to the movies. He gave me a kiss. I haven't seen him all week and only get the occasional text off him. I said would he like to see me again and he
Posted in Dating by Daisy78
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I broke up with my last gf a year ago almost and as I was doing a lot of cleaning now, I found some of her parents things that I forgot I had, mostly cause I didn't want to go into my ex's things, and was fed up and wanted to not deal with it. But I have
Posted in Breaking Up by ironpony
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My bestfriend is dealing with something right now, and wanted me to ask you guys for advice. She is 19 years old, and has had a major crush on this 5 years older guy, for a long time. They started following each other on Instagram a couple of months ag
Posted in Dating by Allbymyself4
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Hi everyone, I've been through a tough breakup from a short relationship about 2 months ago. It was all very intense and I fell for her BADLY (never really had the chance to see her faults, so became to put her on a pedestal post break up), which obvio
Posted in Breaking Up by Morello
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I met a man at work who works as a manager in an office in another city in the US (I work abroad). We had a great one night together and really had a lot of chemistry, and then he had to go. For six months we kept in touch, though I knew that he had been
Posted in Breaking Up by Coraline77
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To be fair our connection began by having casual sex .Then it grew with me falling for him even though I knew he was a player. I thought that I could let him in since he was trying to be nice to me and my family.He would ask me for money time to time it w
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Jennifer37
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Ive been with this girl for practically 6 years. The first 2 years we were bestfriends. The 3rd year i told her that i loved her, cause i felt like i really needed too bc i truly love her. Well everything was literally perfect. Until, this guy from my pas
Posted in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender by yaqueenlana
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Ive been with this girl for practically 6 years. The first 2 years we were bestfriends. The 3rd year i told her that i loved her, cause i felt like i really needed too bc i truly love her. Well everything was literally perfect. Until, this guy from my pas
Posted in Relationships by yaqueenlana
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Hello, I am 26 years old and my (Ex) Girlfriend is 24 years old. We have been dating for 8 months and seriously everything has been practically perfect with the exception of some personal issues and insecurities that she has to work on (her words not m
Posted in Getting Back Together by Haksaw2018
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So there's this person who's hurt me in the past and has been an absolute jerk. Yes he apologised but its like doing all the and then saying sorry. I cut him out of my life soon after. He is married now and I'm still single. Now here's the issue. We
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Creamybutter
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