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All right guys, this might be a long one. I recently fell in love with a girl in college about 9 months ago (when we started dating). Little background on her so you guys can understand, she was ideal for me. She was shy and not too outgoing, which I foun
Posted in Getting Back Together by FourPoarn
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I have been with my gf for two years and we have lived together for most of our relationship. She has kids, and I am never included in any parenting decisions and really any sort of decisions. An example is that we have been planning a camping tri
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Hurkumer
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Hello everyone. I want your advice on how i can forget and get over my relationship with this girl. She is a classmate in my first year at college ... she was cute and friendly but i really wasn't so much into dating her or making a move on her. Slowl
Posted in Relationship Advice by kokoto
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I'm torn between leasing a new car that I would plan to buy out. Or buying a used car that I don't have to worry about mileage on. Mom says buy certified used, it's too costly for me. Brother suggested leasing. Get a new car with modern technology and
Posted in Career, Money and Education by Jetta
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So I started talking to this girl on a dating app back at the end of March, she is 24 I am 25. She was near me taking a month off from work and then she went back home to out of state in Minnesota, I am in Florida. She gave me her number and then we start
Posted in Dating Advice by jrw
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Hello, I am looking for advices to get a big picture of the situation. Married for 15 years, we are a bi-cultural couple living in his country. We both have heavy baggages from the past that we talked about. We loved each other deeply, but our rela
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by matahari
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I (35M) was dumped by my ex (36F) a year ago and I was heartbroken. Never wanted the relationship to end. We got together once physically a few months after the breakup but she still didnt want to be with me. I wrote a heartfelt letter on new years day sa
Posted in Getting Back Together by weezusishere
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Hi everyone, I've been grappling for a long time (on and off-- sometimes I feel great about things, sometimes not) trying to determine whether I should end things with my current boyfriend of almost 5 years. We have a really great relationship, with lo
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by MP17
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I am in high school, 11th grade and it has been proven to me plenty of times that most girls first impressions of me are not so good. Some background information about me that i believe may have something to do with it: I participate in most school athlet
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by hide
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Female manager always smiling wide whenever i smile or talk when were alone. Playfully hitting and pushing. And calling me names. Shes wiped sweat off my face with her hand. Other day i let her know i find her physically attractive. Find her oggling me wh
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Kovsal
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I booked in my new dr today. I used to be 163 CM and now I am 160. How the heck does this happen 52????
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by ~Seraphim ~
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My girlfriend and I were together several months, but known each other for over a year. I can talk to her for hours, shes the most thoughtful, levelheaded woman Ive ever been with and I wanted to be with her. Weve had small bumps in the road, like sma
Posted in Getting Back Together by Balibali
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I was watching Toy Story with my niece and nephews and when the song Strange Things came on. It was like a gut punch/wow that's a great use of analogy. See if this isn't how a lot of us feel/have felt! Strange Things by Randy Newman I was on top of
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Utterlyhurt
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I posted about this guy before on here, and have since been getting therapy for my assault, but I was foolish and kept in contact with him. First a backtory: I broke up with an emotionally abusive man who used texting to manipulate and when we did see
Posted in Dating Advice by caraviolin
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Hey guys me and my girlfriend have been together for 15 months and things started off perfect, or it seemed. Early into our relationship she cheated and flirted with guys and was very sneaky. When I look at our pictures and see the dates I get discouraged
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by HoplessTeen4
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I have accepted that the relationship is over! Its day 16 since the break up and I already feel stronger than I have in past break ups at this point!! NC is definitely the way to go! It hurts at first but the pain fades away faster than if you keep your
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Bro32
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I got this heart rate monitor and it says I'm stressed, chronically stressed. Which if other factors are present puts me at risk for a heart attack. It says to change my lifestyle to reduce stress. My dad got that speech from a heart surgeon, I laughe
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by Jetta
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Hi, to help understand the context... 4 years ago; I met this girl and we dated for roughly 8 months and I sired a son with her; we did not last; a lot of factors -our families and their opinions on religion; I was young finding myself-typical 20 somet
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by EASE
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Okay so I'm in a friend group of 5 people 3 of which I'm extremely close too. I go to a different highschool then all of them but 4 of us have our licensed so we catch up often. We all recently went to a music festival together and everything was all goo
Posted in Friendship and Friends by Anon6942069
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Hi all, I'm posting on here because i'm truly hurting. I am madly in love both emotionally and physically to a married woman, and she will not leave her husband despite her constantly telling me how much she wants to leave him and how much she loves an
Posted in Infidelity by ajrau
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