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So I was engaged to this guy and we were together for 6 years, when he would get upset he would have rage attacks and yell at me and it would get so bad that he would scream in my face and hit walls or doors then tell me look what you do to me! He would b
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Mel20192019
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I'm struggling with advice. Im in a 4.5 yr relationship and want out because I realised I've been in love with someone else since before we got together but never gave it a chance. I want to give it a chance now. I know there is no nice way to break up wi
Posted in Dating Advice by Bubsconfused
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Ok so I posted here twice and basically after everything that happened with my first love... EVERYONE says there is no way of getting her back. But regardless of the fact that there is no hope, is this a relationship I would have wanted? Would marriage ha
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by aydenkk90
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Recent separation, and other events, have reminded me how empty, lonely, and uninspired I really am. I used to study and play guitar in college, but the pressure led me to back out of the program. Would spend a lot of time exploring art, music, and oth
Posted in Personal Growth by OneRainyDay
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I am so glad to see this forum. I could use some support during this hard time. I am going through a breakup now, its only been a few weeks and I can see that we are not the right pairing, but my grief is large, as it is everytime I go through a breakup.
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by gooseduck
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So here's the thing... Maybe I'm making this out to be a bigger problem than it really is. Also the fact that I am new to these emotions; I have never felt this way about anyone before. I was told through a coworker that this guy at my work liked me (long
Posted in Dating and Shy People by SavanahGram
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We have been dating for like 8 months, I never cheated on her, even I needed sometimes but I always find a way to make it work cause Iím a mature person, when I love someone I kinda love the consequences too, she told me she needed space, when I try to do
Posted in Dating Advice by Lilkcoby509
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Hello! Interesting question about hairstyle. Compared to the people I know and see around me and my social networks, at 38 years, my full head of hair is beyond what the other guys I know can even hope for. They're balding, half-balding, thin-haired, e
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by asalways
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Lately things havenít been the best with my girlfriend, we have been arguing and thinking about breaking up. This was majority of the last two weeks. It all started with me having to work a job with my ex, she didnít like it but it was work, what was I su
Posted in Dating Advice by unattached
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Hi everyone. You can read my story in my other thread on my profile After a month I'm doing pretty great, I'm moving on faster than I thought and the break up isn't affecting my life at all. However there's this girl I've been interested in recentl
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by HeartRemedy
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This is my first post and I will like to ask for advice in the community, English is not my mother language, so I apologize for any mistake on the writing. Hereís the story I will try to make it short. I was dating this girl for couple of weeks in may, th
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by SEJOKESIL
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My current boy friend was in a long LDR for 4 years. They met when she came for one exchange semester. After that they started of with conversation like "How are you" and then got closer. They started dating. He came to visit her once ans she visited him
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by SalsaPanimi
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Hello Everyone, I haven't written to this forum in a while. During 2018, I had a pretty rough time. Although I was not overweight by any means, I led a fairly unhealthy lifestyle. I gained weight, had high cholesterol, above average blood pressure, and
Posted in Relationship Advice by Pleasedonot5
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I'm dating this guy for half a year and everything has been amazing. We're compatible in everyway. Everything is perfect except his mom is usually too invasive and protective of him. Whenever they visit his grandparents' city, his mum wouldn't let him boa
Posted in Relationship Advice by SalsaPanimi
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Hello, Two nights ago my boyfriend of five years confessed to me that he has lied about something from his past. We've known each other for close to ten years, we had friends in common in high school but never really talked. It was only a couple of
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Lila94
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I broke up with my ex 2 weeks ago. Today I got a match with one of his acquaintances in particular that I really liked, I always thought he was kind of flirty to me, but I wasnít sure if that was just his personality. He and my ex have really only talked
Posted in Dating Advice by datinghelp9
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I met this girl at work. After a while I noticed some chemistry between us and started flirting. Once I changed my job, we continued flirting and have been dating for a year now. There is an age difference. I am 47 and she is 28. When we started flirt
Posted in Getting Back Together by Dante1972
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I met a guy about 8 or 9 months ago on Tinder and we hooked up the same night. He was so chatty and barely let me talk the first night that I didn't even know if he was interested. I thought it would just be a hookup and nothing more. I didn't expect to h
Posted in Dating Advice by abbie2790
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I met her at my part-time job in December.. It immediately clicked and over the Christmas we texted every day, it was wonderful, I was never so happy in my life. But I was careful because three months before this I lived through a terrible heartbreak and
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by MSMT
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Iíve posted here a long time ago and iím not sure if I need to cross post or how to so Iím just gonna make a new one context: my ex gf broke up with me in february because she wanted to work on her self esteem and emotions. My ex was an emotional wr
Posted in Getting Back Together by r00b14
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