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Hello, thank you for reading. Due to my circumstances, I don't have anyone to talk to about this, so I would like to get it off my chest here and some advice would be helpful. I am now a high school senior, almost graduating. More than a year ago, th
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by chippie008
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I am dating a man that I work with but we are both in different departments so we barely see each other. I pride myself on being extremely loyal, with integrity, and I would never even think about cheating or leading another man on. I am always upfront
Posted in Dating Advice by ConfusedLady21
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Thought I pose this question since I got great advice from people about one of my threads about a work question. I am leaving my job next week and I want to give a small gift to my coworkers. It's a small office. It's 15 women and 5 men. I always do an
Posted in Career, Money and Education by LootieTootie
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My father passed away unexpectedly 2.5 weeks ago, to say the last 2.5 weeks has been a nightmare is an understatement. From the police at my front door, to identifying his body with the police at the morgue to cleaning out his unit and settling all his a
Posted in Grief Loss and Bereavement by Lily000
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Hello all, long time lurker, first time poster :) I have been dating a woman for about 3 months now. The back story on her, she is in her 40s, divorced with two small kids. She has been divorced for three-four years. Her ex husband cheated on her whi
Posted in Dating Advice by mrbreezer
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Help!! First-time poster and I need some advice. I (30F) found a text message on my fiancťís (34M) Apple Watch that reads: ďEve is available in your city. Talk to her now at and then goes on to list Eveís sexual p
Posted in Trust and Relationships by roxcandy
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My ex and I had a wonderful relationship for 2 years. We never had a fight or anything. I was so sure this was the guy I was going to marry. All of the sudden, he blindsighted me and said he was unsure about his future. He has a lot of health issues that
Posted in Getting Back Together by Stuckinluv18
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I have very limited experience with online dating, so, this is my question. This is about someone I met online today. Is it a red flag when he calls you for the first time, you talk for about 15 minutes (I had to go), arrange a date for Monday (because
Posted in Dating Advice by Eliza50
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My bf and i broke up after 8 months of dating because we feel like we werenít close with one another. It was good for the first 4-5 months. Then things kind of fizzled. Heís a great guy and i do care about him but we find it hard to express our feelings t
Posted in Dating Advice by jnguyent3
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Hi All, My partner has had mental health issues since I got together with him. He seeked help at first which helped him but he always still had some problems. Our relationship has been great but also has had it downs with his health. I've always been t
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by MayJane
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So I had this best friend for 4 years and we ended up in a relationship. It lasted less than two months. We worked as best friends but not as boyfriend and girlfriend. She ended it but I am not sad. I have cried but I feel like that is because I wanna
Posted in Friendship and Friends by Piaresssss
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Iím a heterosexual male and I have a gf who Iím very close too. I enjoy anal stimulation and my girl friend has done it for me. It started of as just anal but now I get these crazy dreams where I am dressed as a female (sometimes) giving oral and engaging
Posted in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender by Unknown22
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I started seeing this guy in August last year. A few weeks in, he told me he was moving away in April. So we stopped seeing each other for a while. Then a few weeks later we started hooking up. We work together, and it just sort of happened one night aft
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by aria881
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Me and my bf of 2 years had a good relationship. We had an amazing connection and we talked about marriage and were super serious.. He lived with me for a bit then we didn't agree on some things (financially) so I told him to move out until we got married
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Rs6
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My bf and I share a bed. I feel like our biggest problem is with physical intimacy. I have a much higher sex drive than him but also I'd be okay with just cuddling for a little while before going to sleep. Sometimes he is in the mood but most nights he ju
Posted in Sex and Romance by Acolyte2020
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Hi everyone, My ex has suddenly unblocked me on all social media (IG, twitter, FB) after over 5 years NC. I don't know why, and I don't know if he's been snooping - he's in a relationship, but why now? We were together 2 years. 2 very intense years!
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Jay98
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During Christmas break I took my toddler son to my parents home to spend time with his cousins and grandparents. One of my sisters bought him presents yet didnít even ask me how I was since Iíve moved to another state. When Iím far away she calls me const
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Lisa Love
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I'm 39, male, married with two young kids and I'm stuck, lost, searching and cluelesss. I've been married twice, my first marriage was 18 years ago, she was incredible, hot, seductive, she had me, I was captivated by her. We were engaged after a few sh
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Foilhat
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Hi all, I've been doing online dating recently, for about the past 2 months and while there has been some fun times I've also had some pretty awful times. I know 2 months isn't a long time but I guess I was originally hoping things would go better than
Posted in Dating Advice by LockerBunny
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LONG RANT WARNING This pain is unbearable. I met a guy a few months ago and things went very quickly. He was complimenting me all the time, speaking of the future, kids, marriage. He said he feels i could truly be the one. I felt the same as I had ne
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Sallyx3
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