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I'm a current sophomore in college. Last summer I started talking to this guy that I knew through extracurriculars - we really hit it off, talked almost every night, realized that we had mutual romantic feelings for each other. We decided to try having a
Posted in Getting Back Together by tornbetweenguy
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hello people, i am new to these boards and i would really appreciate an advice or two. anyway, i know this girl for like 4 years or so. we started with coffee dates which became bar dates until one night we ended making out. that night i pointed out i
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by metalanddust
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So to make this brief, I've known a woman for many years; most of them spent acting as a close friend and confidant, often offering advice, a shoulder to cry on, or simply an ear when she needed someone to listen to her. We've had feelings for one another
Posted in Breaking Up by Jenkins74
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So my ex had broken up with me 2 weeks ago and since then he had been stringing me along saying he wants to get back, then he doesn't etc. The day after he broke up with me he said he'd made a mistake and loves me and wanted to get back which i was hesita
Posted in Getting Back Together by zredbird
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i was staying round a friends, there where 3 girls and 3 boys, we all got bored and processed to play 7 minutes in heaven (2 people get locked in a dark room for 7 minutes and stand extremely close together) the idea is it gets sexual) we decided to do it
Posted in Dating by Sauns
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My best friend has been dating his current girlfriend for about 1 and half years. We all go to the same university, have known both of them for the past 3-4 years. I have become good friends with them. However, I must say, before they began 'seeing each
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by newtothegame98
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I have decided to break up with my ’‘boyfriend’’ I could not stand his erratic behaviour anymore, yesterday he came for his grad, and he messaged on thursday saying ’‘tommorrow im going early cause Im going to close the apartment the student apt he has
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by carolinne
7 87 When we try to achieve personal growth goals on our own, only 4% of us succeed. A social componen
Posted in Personal Growth by IThinkICan
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I was out clubbing last night and happened to bump into a girl who I'd messaged for just over a year and a half between spring 2013 and fall 2014. Nothing ever came of the messaging because she eventually moved away to another town for university, but she
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by BooBaBoo
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Females- say your partner started working later and later each night. Starting at 7am and finishing at almost 11pm. A casual position. An in between job. Say he rejects you 80% of the time you want to have sex. And when you have said sex, it is just him
Posted in Infidelity by Bs90
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I broke up with my ex about a month ago. We've known each other for many years and I thought we were going to be in each other's lives forever. I recently moved out of state for work, but I was trying to get another job so that I could move back and we co
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by AloneAgain999
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PLEASE HELP: yesterday , my boyfriend texted me saying "we need to talk". I started panicking and he told me his mom said that if I didn't stop talking to him and didn't break up with him, she would take legal action against me because she ha
Posted in Breaking Up by simplyj
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i met a cute guy recenly, i had a hard breakups before. in our first date he said that he wasn't able to make efforts to date any new girl after breaking up with his ex 2 years ago. it is hard for me to believe what guys say after what happened to me b
Posted in Dating by Queen1Victoria
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Hi there. So, I decided to post on ENA to get some perspective about a situtation. I'm not asking for advice on what to do because, really, there isn't anything that can be done on my end; the ball is in his court. And, we can all speculate until the cows
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by LotusBlack
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hi, im 24. just recently moved to hawaii, I've been saving up for years, am a licensed massage therapist and an artist. something I've realized growing up, i might be who your thinking i am... big personality, super emotional, passionate for the e
Posted in Personal Growth by girl00
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My ex bf and I were together for a little over a year. Physically, mentally, spiritually we connected on a very deep level. But the last month of our relationship wasnt that amazing as it used to always be, to put it short. Then one day he said he hasn't
Posted in Getting Back Together by cleo123
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My ex broke up with me a little over 4 months ago. We were together for 4 years. Since breaking up with me he has given me a lot of mixed signals that confuse me even though there was many times when he said to me that he didn't want me to get the wrong i
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Messy Dreamer
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Hey guys need some help pregnant Mrs always pushing me away I do everything I can for her and just feels never good enough dosnt show anything towards me back but says she loves me and all that but just don't know what to think anymore really getting me d
Posted in Pregnancy by Pucko
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She was the reason I came here in the first place. Five years after meeting, and more than a year since the last time I reached out, we went on our first date It couldn't be more perfec
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Gilson
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This is really hard to put into words becuase I've never said the words to anyone but him Met a guy. Started dating. I should have broken it off before it even began becuase he was emotionally unavailable, but I didn't. And that's my fault. We got
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by MacyYcam
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