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My boyfriend of 4 years and I have broken up. He still lives with me because he has nowhere to go. When I caught him on dating sites he got very upset with me and wouldn't talk to me. We both decided to break up. Now he's very cordial. He eats the food th
Posted in Breaking Up by Chazz864
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My boyfriend of almost two years broke up with me two days ago. We were both at separate universities (2 hours away) we'd been together since high school and we were trying to make it work during first year. I thought it was working, I was happy, clearly
Posted in Breaking Up by Lkmon
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So I've been seeing this guy on and off for 3 years, the last time we hung out I asked him out of curiousity, who was the last girl he slept with (besides me). He responded with "none of your business" and that even if he said her name I wouldn't know her
Posted in Dating by wandergrl18
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Hi all. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Boyfriend (weíll name him K) and I (Heís 33 Iím 29) have been dating a year now. Iíd say we started off not really all that conventional. We met 2 yrs ago on some random dating app which we proceeded on
Posted in Infidelity by Drea1024
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Hey guys My friend has just invited me to go to her birthday dinner, and apparently my (last long term ex) will be there. She's a great girl and I'm really keen on going, but am now sort of wondering if it's a good idea. Thought this was inevitable, bu
Posted in Friendship and Friends by Honeycomb8
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So I went on a weird date last night or at least it ended weird. This girl and I had started messaging each other on POF for about three days. Last night we met up to have some drinks at a bar. Everything was going well and her body languages indicated sh
Posted in Dating by Cjaxrun92026
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Me and my partner of 9 years split a few weeks ago, we're trying to work things out as of this week, so he's moved back in. During our split I got close to a colleague who I thought was helping me work out my feelings and what I wanted to do about my r
Posted in Relationships by copperg
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Iíll try to keep this as short as possible... my ex boyfriend and I were together for 2 years, I loved him so much and I would of done anything for him. I was so happy and content with him, and really wanted us to have a future. However, like other relati
Posted in Breaking Up by jjohnson
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Hi everyone, It seems like a strange question to ask to a group of strangers but I don't have any lesbian friends and although I have a number of great friends who listen and support I suspect bias comes into play a lot when people give advice. Me
Posted in Relationships by Rugbygal
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I am a 26 y/o female with a 30 y/o boyfriend. We live together and have been together for just over a year now. Our sex life is pretty vanilla (I am adventurous but he isn't really, however, I can live with this), but we lack frequency which means my n
Posted in Sex and Romance by MvZ
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Hello, A girl and I were going out for about 2 months. It was amazing we were so into eachother and she was due to go backpacking for three months, and I was to join her on the last month. 2 months on 2 months off, seemed tough but we thought we could
Posted in Breaking Up by farout
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I move on from this girl and say, hey if she doesnít respect my time enough to stop playing games then Iím done. A couple days later she calls and tells me, itís weird we havenít spoken in so long. Plus some other stuff. So I stupidly respond and acknowle
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by unattached
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So I've been forced to stay home while I recover from a surgery. I'm nearly 25 and my sex drive is still incredibly high. I'm a man and I'm looking for tips, masturbation tips or where to go to find a date well stuck at home.
Posted in Sex and Romance by finalpoet
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Hi guys, I am looking for some insight I guess. I was dating a guy for a few months, and we had a massive break up. He made a mistake, and I then thought it reflected him as a person and tried to move on. He apologised profusely, and if it's brought up
Posted in Relationships by Ramsy123
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I remember a doctor I work with once telling me that if I wasn't fighting regularly in a relationship then there was something more wrong than us never fighting which has kind of stuck with me. I had bought my bf tickets for Christmas to go to a footba
Posted in Relationships by frankiee
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at 18 years old a woman introduced me to her godfather and one of the first things he said to me was "Your life is going to be bigger than your hometown, Its something that you get from inside and that's how I feel about you" Mind you, he doesn't know
Posted in Personal Growth by cnash
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There's this girl in my life that, for the last couple years, has sent me tons of mixed signals. I've spoken about her in a previous thread (I can't post the URL apparently, but it's the last thread I wrote, entitled, "This girl has confused the living he
Posted in Relationships by NotSure4358
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It's a little long.. My ex broke up with me a month ago after a loving, quickly serious year long relationship. We had a beautiful romance and normal healthy relationship. He was very full on at first, wanted kids to move out together, missed me all t
Posted in Breaking Up by Anons17
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im having a serious case of deja vu. My boyfriend drank a drink (dr.pepper) today and we bought a tv to carry it up 3 stories. On our first date we watched a drag queen lift a tv on a rooftop, it was an ad for dr. Pepper!!! We were in a pub. :) and now wi
Posted in Finding Love and Soulmate by Jillstrand23
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Hey guys, so lately and on weekends especially, I've been feeling very wired/wound up, trouble sleeping, a bit "moody" lots of energy. Last night was out with BF till very late, but woke at six today, and have been going ever since. Including obsess
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by katrina1980
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