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Hey everyone. It's been a few months since I last posted. Last time, I talked of a break up that happened back in November 2019. Well, here's what's happened since then: I'm afraid I did not take the advice of cutting contact with her back in...
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by ArchieAnon
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Has anyone ever had a problem with telling the truth to your SO and they do not believe you no matter what. And then when you finally tell them a lie they believe it!??? Now heís acting all calm and fine like nothing and Iím upset...very upset.
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by gohawks292
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Has anyone or your partner overcome it? How does someone over come it and what can I do as a partner to help? My partner wonít agree to see a therapist. She is jealous of the people I slept with prior to meeting her. She also doesnít think...
Posted in Relationship Advice by digitaljohn
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Ok, my first post. ive got loads to say but ill try and keep it brief. I had a 4 yr relationship with a wonderful woman. We broke up last July, but we kept in contatct all the time unitl Feb. I saw her in Sept and there was still the passion and...
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Bestda
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Hi My boyfriend ended out relationship after 1 year where no issues and all was going was but it happened at a time where he admitted to struggling with a level of depression ( he had experienced years before following his mirrage breakdown). We...
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by DD312
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Hello, This may seem a weird message and I apologise if people think so. I'm just looking for some advice. I posted before and people were really helpful. I was dumped 5 weeks ago. I really struggled with it as I saw a great future for us. ...
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Rb1980
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I made a post a few days ago, but I gave in again and had a stalk because it was my exís girlfriends birthday. He made a post dedicated to her on Instagram saying ďwouldnít wanna be anywhere else with anyone elseĒ - Iím saying this because...
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Ash12345
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What can you do to make yourself feel more comfortable around your crush? I usually end up making eye contact with him only to look away again. I've always had my guard up so it can be hard to control this. But now I can't ignore my feelings anymore...
Posted in Dating Advice by SavanahGram
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So I met this guy on a dating app, we hit it off via text and went out on a couple of dates. He always a gentleman and we got along so well. He then invited me over to his house to cook me dinner. We slept together and the week after (This was right...
Posted in Dating Advice by bloempj
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My best friend who is married, has told me about his affairs In details.We talk about any and everything, so he is comfortable telling me these things.I donít agree with his actions, and have told him what he does is wrong and maybe he need...
Posted in Relationship Advice by Buttery2
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we've been seeing each other for about a year now. now, my weight-related insecurities have gone on for as long as i remember. i've had periods where i've lost weight but i've seemed to gain it back in the longrun. i'm 20 years old weighing around...
Posted in Dating Advice by femindelicat
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Hi Guys, It's a bit of a long one and I need options and advice. I want you know I am happy, healthy and keep myself busy. This is just a predictment I would love to get some advice on. I met N when we were 10 years old he always said 'I'm...
Posted in Relationship Advice by ironi
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Hi All, I have never done anything like this before but I have never felt so alone and trapped in my current situation and could really do with some help. I'm a 29 year old guy who has been in a relationship of 12 years with a girl, soon to...
Posted in Relationship Advice by Animus
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I've met M in November 2019 and for two months we were dating on average once a week (due to different work schedules) and he was great. Always following up after date, cute messages, good communication. I could see he really likes me and is caring...
Posted in Dating Advice by Katie625
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Hi all this is my very first post having just signed up, I felt the need to find a nice friendly forum where I hope to get things off my chest and receive some nice friendly advice as I dont have many people in my life. Here goes..... I was...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by keepthefaith
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I really need your honest opinion here.Iíve been with my boyfriend for 3 years.Things have been good except for the bad parts.We had seen each other in a group of friends where there is a guy who has crushes on every girl he know the...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Adviceineed
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Hello all Iím currently I love with a man who is 41 years older than I. We met at work and had and instant connection. He interested me on a level that I had not ever known we talked for hours about life things we want to do and about our shared...
Posted in Age Gap Relationships by Tea97
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My crush, who's also my coworker, teases me a bit, but as soon as I do it once, she freezes and stops for a couple of days. Then the process repeats. There is definitely moments of chemistry between us. Key word: moments. Been going on for a few...
Posted in Dating Advice by Hopelessnick
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Hi everybody, As my heading says, the lady I have been dating for about the last year is an ER nurse, and as of about two weeks ago, she has been working directly with COVID-19 patients. This is very troubling to me, for obvious reasons. We are...
Posted in Relationship Advice by Whirling D
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Hello all, i am new to this site and the first time i have asked for help regarding my relationship. If anyone can help me with advice and pure honestly i would really appreciate it. I have been with my now fianće for 8 years. We got engaged...
Posted in Relationship Advice by kad03ink
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