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Have you ever been attracted to someone and then something happens and you're just not anymore? It's seriously the worst. Most recently happened to me with smoking.... I think I'm going to stop seeing an otherwise great guy, due to his smoking habit. I
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Lambert
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This is a bit of an urgent request for advice. My BF and I (we donít live together) fought last night over text and I was quite harsh to him. Last night I apologized to him, but he hasnít read or responded (he keeps his read receipts on; both of us use Ap
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by cherryblssm
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Few facts: I am male: 26 years from Denmark Girlfriend is female: 20 years from Kenya My mom is 54 years old First of all, TL;DR version: My girlfriend feels unseen and excluded by my mom (and I see the same as she does). My mom claims s
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Zugaard
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So I've weathered a lot of falling outs among friends over the years, and I've always had the policy that I invite both people to the parties that I throw if I'd normally invite them. If one or both choose not to come, so be it. Then, I'd hang out with t
Posted in Friendship and Friends by MsCodeMonkey
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Looks like me and my ex are going to lunch Friday, weíve dated 3 times now, 1st time for 4 years, 2nd time for 1 1/2 years, last time for just over a year. Chemistry is undeniable, we just keep messing up and sheís a habit I canít quit. I just keep thinki
Posted in Dating Advice by Capttrae
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My bf and I have been together for 7 months. He is an amazing man. We get along wonderfully. We have just 1 issue that I need help addressing with him....again. This is my first time asking for help on here, bit I have spoken with him about this twice bef
Posted in Relationship Advice by Miss AM
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Here's a little background. My husband was molested as a child for several years by a male pastor at his church. He's always been very masculine and he's never been much of a cheater because he's so badly addicted to porn and has been since he was 10. Ou
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by MariaMorgan
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I struggled with what to title this. In 2018, I had a night out with my girlfriends that still haunts me. My husband of 3 years but boyfriend of 12 had left me the year before so I was in the midst of a divorce and really struggling. The much needed night
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by Suddenly1821
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There's this woman I've gone out a few times with, although there's nothing official between us as we now live far away from each other. We've had several phone/video calls and texted back and forth, and I've definitely received many positive signs from h
Posted in Dating Advice by abc12388
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Hello everyone! Before I even start to write out my story, a huge thank you for taking your time ti read this and try to help me. I know I have a problem and I do plan to go to a psychologist, but atm I am short with money, unemployed and donít know how t
Posted in Trust and Relationships by annou
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Man I've literally lived my whole in life for other people. I've been a good man, even through some really ty in circumstances. I've always strived to be positive, I've always been everyone's strength. Idk if I ever really understood this world. How it wo
Posted in Suicide by Gmx49
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Why do people get infractions? Why do people get banned? Why do threads get closed? Methinks it's the mod's favorites barking in their ears because these "favorites" don't have a life of their own and want to run this forum. So sad... :icon_sad::u
Posted in Dating Advice by Camber 2019
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Hello, hyperspace void. I can't turn to any family or friends, so I hope you don't mind if I cry into you for a moment. I am fat. That's no secret, though my family and friends act like that's a dirty word and deny it when I say it. But it's the truth.
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by Used2it
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I feel like I am not wanted by my boyfriend mom. Since we started dating I feel like she never liked me. It started when she didnít like me because I was never open (I deal with depression and anxiety) or I would just stick to myself. I have been living w
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Jubliee
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I'm going to try to make this as short as I can. My ex and I were together for 8 months. Everything was perfect, we never argued, we spent everyday together, my family loved him, his family loved me..everything was just perfect. We moved in together 3 mon
Posted in Relationship Advice by Rusty1274
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! So he says he doesnít want a relationship. So what else was there to do? Besides ,to except that was what he wants . As soon as I start to distant myself from him and have become totally ok with us not having a relationship. He starts acting as if we
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by amyjmarchi
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Hi, Thanks to all who participate in this forum... it helps a lot! I am 38, male, and I am together with this woman since 2 months , and really in love with her. The time together have been super intense, with a lot of love-making(since the first d
Posted in Relationship Advice by hawkmoon
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Hi all, I really need some advice on how to re-gain trust, things which will mentally help me or just your thoughts. I have been dating my boyfriend for 9 months now and it seriously hasnít been easy. We split up a month ago and now have got back toget
Posted in Trust and Relationships by daniellejade
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I have weird tissue growing inside my bladder that they thought was cancerous back in November. You all were with me on that journey. Luckily the tissue turned out benign. I thought for sure removing the tissue would be beneficial to my health and the str
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by limichelle
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Hey folks , feeling extra lonely and sad tonight. So I accepted a job offer and moved into a different country a week ago. The place looks nice, people are friendly, but I dont know anybody here and I'm just sitting at home by myself, terribly missin
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Blackey
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