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Hello, Two nights ago my boyfriend of five years confessed to me that he has lied about something from his past. We've known each other for close to ten years, we had friends in common in high school but never really talked. It was only a couple of
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Lila94
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I broke up with my ex 2 weeks ago. Today I got a match with one of his acquaintances in particular that I really liked, I always thought he was kind of flirty to me, but I wasnít sure if that was just his personality. He and my ex have really only talked
Posted in Dating Advice by datinghelp9
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I met this girl at work. After a while I noticed some chemistry between us and started flirting. Once I changed my job, we continued flirting and have been dating for a year now. There is an age difference. I am 47 and she is 28. When we started flirt
Posted in Getting Back Together by Dante1972
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I met a guy about 8 or 9 months ago on Tinder and we hooked up the same night. He was so chatty and barely let me talk the first night that I didn't even know if he was interested. I thought it would just be a hookup and nothing more. I didn't expect to h
Posted in Dating Advice by abbie2790
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I met her at my part-time job in December.. It immediately clicked and over the Christmas we texted every day, it was wonderful, I was never so happy in my life. But I was careful because three months before this I lived through a terrible heartbreak and
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by MSMT
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Iíve posted here a long time ago and iím not sure if I need to cross post or how to so Iím just gonna make a new one context: my ex gf broke up with me in february because she wanted to work on her self esteem and emotions. My ex was an emotional wr
Posted in Getting Back Together by r00b14
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Hi all, So my girlfriend & I have been dating for around a year & a half now. We get on like a house on fire & we both love each other to pieces. Thereís been one issue that keeps popping up.... Her ex FWB. So her & this guy had a very on again o
Posted in Dating Advice by DeanoShark
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Iím having trouble understanding why this is happening. Whether it is my fault. Any advise will be very helpful. Sorry it will be a long story. I have previously post on here asking if I should get back with my ex (i'll call him Ted) after he broke up
Posted in Getting Back Together by Wonder01234
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My friend , J works for me. Today she accepted another job as a bus monitor which takes her away at the busiest daycare hours. Basically she will only be here for two hours while the kids are awake the rest of the time the kids will be asleep and then sh
Posted in Career, Money and Education by ~Seraphim ~
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Last week Monday, I met this girl at my gym and we were taking a class together. She was really friendly with me. Seemed almost too friendly. Next time I see her was Friday, and we chatted a bit. Again, seems friendly. During our class workout, I got p
Posted in Dating Advice by crazyguy123
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I'm not entirely sure where this is going to go, I might just need to vent to be honest but if anyone has advice please let me know. I have temporarily moved in with my boyfriend and 4 other roommates for a few weeks as I wait for my new lease to begi
Posted in Relationship Advice by rototrack
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I work in Nursing home serving food to residents. My job consist of serving food and doing dishes. However, because of the nature of the job, my apron gets dirty throughout the shift just like other co workers including the cooks or cook assistants. S
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by MrsWise
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thanks for opening! so my boyfriend and i just had our first big fight, screaming and all. we've been together for 5 months and hes the most amazing, understanding, patient boyfriend ive ever had. on saturday we went to a wedding and of course it wa
Posted in Relationship Advice by BCC123
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My ex and I are dating again after 5-6 weeks of no contact, and weíre both enjoying it and it feels good. But thereís been no physical contact happening, no touching no kissing no nothing. Though we both admit to feeling the attraction, she says she think
Posted in Getting Back Together by SixOfOne
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Hi everyone, This has been bothering me for about two weeks and I cannot stop myself from thinking about this. I am sorry for this long post and I appreciate everyone time. So I have been dating this guy for almost two months now. I am 30 years old
Posted in Dating Advice by hannahlv
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Iím a very open person and even living in the Midwest, I have no problem talking about being gay like itís part of my normal life because it is. However, with some friends with whom I feel really comfortable, I find that it tends to work its way into the
Posted in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender by Nebraskagirl14
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Hello everyone. I have currently been NC with my ex girlfriend for little over a month now. It's probably the hardest thing I have ever done, and I hate every minute of it, but I also know it's the only thing I can do now. My question is how do you stay i
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Jimraynorp
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Does it happen that a girl approaches man first and shows clear interest in him or makes more effort than him to get a relationship with him? I am 25m, never had gf and this never happened to me. Is it normal? Most of my friends experienced this im my lif
Posted in Dating Advice by Equator
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Iím dating a guy who is really needy. I feel like Iím the only source of his happiness and I feel so much responsibility. Donít get me wrong heís lovely and treats me great. However I just donít feel any sort of attraction to him anymore. I had so much at
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Jess5638
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Iím not exactly sure if this is the best place to ask for advice, but Itís one of the only places I know so Iíll just go for it. So to start off, Iím an 18 YO guy and I just started going to the gym about a month ago. At the moment, Iím pretty skinny and
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by Nman4141
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