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So this girl was interested in me but i really messed things up. She added me on snapchat and we were talking a lot. We met up to do homework and then i asked her to get lunch with me a couple days later. All was going really well. We hung out one night a
Posted in Dating Advice by willgurney
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Hi. So Iíve posted before and now my situation is worse. My wife has been going thru insomnia. She suffers with it and has been getting a broken 4-6 hours a night. The beginning of the week she got 0-3. So I have been trying to be accommodating. I even sl
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Firstchairbr
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I've been in a relationship for 2 years and am still very happy in the relationship, but we both know it won't last. We are both currently in a military University and I am graduating in a year, he's graduating in two. We will be posted on different bases
Posted in Relationship Advice by Whatshouldid
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My gf & I have been dating off & on since 2012. I feel like I've put up with so much. I also don't feel like the direction we had in mind will ever come into fruition. She seems to think so. She likes to set things up in the future so we have "mini c
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Gyroscope00
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Dating is the worst. So many flakes that it's hard to pick out when people are being honest so I need some impartial views. Here's the situation. Had a date Thursday. I texted her the day before (Wednesday) letting her know I was looking forward to mee
Posted in Dating Advice by memyselfnpie
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hey, so this year Iīm going on a senior trip that basically consists on a week of constant party, drinks and friends in Punta, Spain and that has a big weight on every seniorīs life. but I have a problem: Last year my boyfriend went with his friends and
Posted in Dating Advice by idky
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I find that im in a really hard situation regarding my job and i really dont no how to go about it. Iv been a chef for the past 6 years and its been a really hard 6 years full of ups and bog lows. I love cooking but the unsociable hours, relatively low p
Posted in Career, Money and Education by Danking
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Hi, So this is the first time on this kind of forum for me, but I need some external, neutral input... This is a bit of a long story. This girl is one of my best friendsí little sister. Sheís in her late 20ís, Iím in my early 30ís. Iíll call her Lis
Posted in Dating Advice by Deadmascot
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So Iíve been dating this guy since December time last year, itís been going well. He told me on one of our first few dates him and ex were amicable when they split, he fell out of love with her but Iím not sure whether she felt the same way back, They was
Posted in Dating Advice by Simps301
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Hello, so I really like this one guy I have a big crush on him, we are friends in a 5 person friend group. hes so funny and cute and I just really like him. However, im pretty sure he doesn't like me back.. and another guy in our friend group likes me a l
Posted in Love Advice by Katya33
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Hey all... not sure where to put this question, hopefully this is the right spot. I have been in a relationship with a lovely man now for just over 3 months. Last week, I met his daughter (she is 9 turning 10 later this week) and a bunch of his family
Posted in Relationship Advice by maew
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Hi everyone, I had a date last Friday and although the guy was nice, the thing that put me off was his excessive touching. Iím not a prude and donít mind a light touch on the shoulder on the first date, but this guy touched my elbow, my arm, and my hai
Posted in Dating Advice by kim42
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Greetings all. Basically been in a Long Distance Relationship/Friend With Benefits-like scenario with my partner for over a year (October 2017 till fairly recently). Weíre both guys in our fairly late twenties (him, 27, South Wales UK), (me, 30, Birmi
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by RedCrayon360
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I have been with my BF for 7 months now, weīve had lots of ups and downs, especially because of him not having a job. But we talked a lot and he explained to me how he used to work with his mom and their company broke and they owe money to lots of people
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Lovelavie
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So I met this girl who I really like. She asked me back to hers the first night we met. I decided to not have sex with her as I actually felt a spark, and wanted to get to know her better. She flew back home for two weeks the next day and over that entire
Posted in Dating Advice by mcgroin11
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My very close female friend moved to another country about a month ago. She also happens to be my ex, and our friendship only rekindled weeks before she moved away. Of course, that friendship wasn't quite normal, as we immediately became very flirtati
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by everdog999
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So ive been seperated from my wife for 5yrs no kids or nothing. It was one of those "18 think you know everything deal" but infedelity on noth of our parts ended it. We havent lived together for 5 yrs and we have been trying to file for this whole time. W
Posted in Trust and Relationships by Strainedhear
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I'd try to be as brief as possible. New poster by the way. mid-February I caught my gf cheating through a series of chats as far back as 3 months. Apparently she had gotten so close to another guy that by January this year, they were exchanging nudes.
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by laskillful
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I need some help. Recently I am suspicious that my boyfriend is interested in this woman. I have seen them talking at the club we attend. I am not sure about the situation. They were chatting normally. But there are some reasons for me to be suspicious. H
Posted in Relationship Advice by diana123
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I'm an 18 years old girl, and I've been in 2 steady relationships, which both ended badly. My exes cheated on me and left me reason being i didnt want to sleep with them. I was mad at myself for making a big deal out of just losing my virginity. So i deci
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by blakaty
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