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These past weeks weíve been fighting non stop and made me lose my optimism in this relationship. If I do decide to breakup with him, I would often see him in one of my classes, and I feel as though the guys in our friend group would only be...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by seanelly
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Hi all, Hope all is well. I need some direction as I keep going back and forth on my decision. To give you some background: I have been living in my current shared apartment for the last 4 years. The first three years were fine as all 3...
Posted in Career, Money and Education by RuedeRivoli
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Hi, I am 23 years old and my boyfriend is 20. Me and my boyfriend have been together for nearly 5 years. I have a good paying job and have completed a degree. I desire to get married soon and have a few children. But although my boyfriend has not...
Posted in Age Gap Relationships by Hannahkunu
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Hi guys, I need your advice. Sorry for the long text... I tried to keep it as short as possible. I find myself in a very complicated situation right now. I'm 33 years old and from Germany. I went to Mťxico for a one-year academic exchange. In...
Posted in Getting Back Together by DNAse
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So bit of a background: Back in April my ex broke up with me using the excuse that Covid was bad in our area and that he promised his ex-wife that he wouldnít see anyone or else he wouldnít be able to see his kids. This was out of left...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Bgal
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Full moons are a time of ending and letting go of things that donít serve you. In a little less than a week we have a full moon. Iím considering this my New Years Eve if you will. The thing is I donít exactly have a ritual in mind. I have...
Posted in Personal Growth by sugahcity
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Hi! This is my first post in here, a friend of mine recommended this site so I'm still figuring things out but okay here it goes: TLDR = the guy I'm seeing is likely in a depressive spiral and pushing me away and I'm not sure what to do. ...
Posted in Relationship Advice by softsmiles20
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I've been officially single over a week but in reality after not seeing my ex since September Ive been emotionally single a lot longer. To summarise breaking up came about due to covid restrictions, growing apart during the lockdowns and just not...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by RKO
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Iím very confused about my partner. We have been together for close to two years. About two months ago I abruptly kicked him out of my house. He has been physically and emotionally abusive for quite some time now with some change but not enough for...
Posted in Getting Back Together by Hope9675
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I (24F) have been in a relationship with my boyfriend (23M) for three years and I absolutely love him to bits. We met whilst I was at university working in retail. I have now moved onto train to become an accountant whilst he still works there. ...
Posted in Relationship Advice by byrellatte
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Hi All, Haven't been on here in a good couple of years or months lol, man just reading my posts gives a smile lol to think how I was back then till now the present.. You probably thinking I regressed but no not anymore, I have worked through my...
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Bigboss29
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Hello All, Without getting to personal, I wanted to keep this somewhat general and ask about Sex and Marriage and the "whys" and "confusion" I have being a man with this sensitive topic - Somewhat geared towards the married woman on the boards,...
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by MrAdversity
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Sorry for my long post. Iím hoping you can take the time to read. Sorry for my bad grammar. I use to be fat. Really fat as a young adult. Actually all my life Iíve been fat. I was 390 pounds. I didnít care about my looks. so now I went...
Posted in Dating Advice by Chrisjohnson
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Brief overview for context I was dating someone locally, going very, very slow because although I was curious, I wasn't smitten. He was though, right from the start. Then there was a fork in the road because mid pandemic he managed to secure a seat...
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by 1a1a
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Hello all, My husband is what Iíve now come to realize is a FA. I knew nothing about attachment styles until after he left. Iím more of an anxious-preoccupied for sure. The backstory is, my husband of almost 2 years suffered a horrific sexual...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Manda316
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I don't know where else to go, or who to speak to. Covid has me laid off so spending money on a therapist isn't financially smart. I love who I thought was the love of my life. The timing was just not right, we met when I was trying to be the person...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by lionheart153
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Hi there, I need some advice. I am due to get married next summer and a few weeks back, my partner admitted to having dreams / thinking about an ex lover. Weíve been together 5 years now. When we first met, he was talking to another woman for a...
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Jessdunne94
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I am a healthcare professional who occasionally needs to take on-call emergency duty (about one week a month) for work. My job can be stressful and can be difficult to leave at work. I have a wonderful and kind husband who works very hard at his...
Posted in Love Advice by jnr586
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Iíve been dating this guy for about 8/9 months. Weíre 9 years apart and I donít notice the age difference. We get along like a house on fire, always laughing together. He tells me regularly ĎI laugh so much with youí, I know his friends,...
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by dustycloud
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She reached out, she didn't want to get back together, she married the other guy pretty soon after. So how the heck is this a happy ending??? Just thought you guys want to know what's it like on the other end of the tunnel, since not many who...
Posted in Getting Back Together by drpenguin
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