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Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this... I am seeking advice. The basic question (with details to follow) is: if we have not had the "being exclusive" talk yet, should I be offended that he's still posting on Craigslist looking for a companion?
Posted in Dating by BraveNewWorld
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It has been 2 month since my ex boyfriend broke up with me. He said he wasn't happy and wanted to see someone else. He was first boyfriend. He was my best friend but now it is like we are strangers. I tried my best that I could to reconcile with him. I ev
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by bluemt001
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hi all, I messaged about a week ago to inform of a relationship break-up around 5 weeks ago, whereby I was dumped by a girl after a 3 year relationship, who said she wanted time alone.. there seemed there was nothing I could do to help the situation, at
Posted in Breaking Up by sputnik123
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Hello everyone, I'm posting because I feel really plagued with workplace anxiety / obsessional thoughts I know I am very good at my job and I am well liked - because I deliver and I have had a lot of compliments on my work, I am committed and dedicated
Posted in Career, Money and Education by Lady D
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I feel this is like the easiest question ever asked in a relationship forum, the answer is so clear, but I feel the need to ask it. My GF and I have been together for 3 years. Though we are monogamous, she is unable to commit to a long-term relationsh
Posted in Relationship Commitment by Rdunsany
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this girl interested in me ? Thereís this girl I like in work, she doesnít know I like her, she always smiles when she sees me, playfully touches me and teases me ,stares at me,asks questions about me some days she just ignores me
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by ADS1989
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I'm 29 and my goal for the next couple of years is to find inner happiness. I'm planning to do that by living a guy-free life, avoiding relationships that will pull my focus elsewhere. It will be hard but I feel like I really need this. I'm not the typ
Posted in Personal Growth by firelily
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Here in Ontario there has been a college professor strike for five weeks now and they may only be forced back to work next week which will be 5 1/2 weeks on strike . Thatís pretty much most of the semester lost. My son is a disabled student ( autis
Posted in Career, Money and Education by ~Seraphim ~
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Me and my girlfriend dated for 3 years. When we first started dating i was 20 and she was 17, now Iím 23 and sheís 20. Halloween would have been our 3 year anniversary, but we got in a fight in late September and mutually agreed to take a break. We kne
Posted in Getting Back Together by chiefottman
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I have been with my BF 8 years and we have a son. At the beginning I was very sensitive and unreasonable. If a woman come on tv or he looked at page 3 it would be an argument die to my own insecurities. Obviously I do not wish my by to watch porn. He knew
Posted in Relationships by Loz
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Pre Warning: Long, but interesting story ahead! Would appreciate any advice or insight. Thanks So I met this girl back in late March of this year. At the time we met she was a senior in high school, and I was a sophomore in college. I was out w
Posted in Getting Back Together by ja555
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I loved this guy so much and i was obsessed with him. i did everything I could to show him that I loved him but he was very doubtful, he never trusted me to believed anything I said. in February of 2017 he broke up with me and I tried my best to get him b
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by hibbzdibbz77
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Can you find the missing happiness and strength while you are separated from your mate?
Posted in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender by Keejum2
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Anyone who tried it, do you think krav maga could be effective in real life situations? Can you really learn (if so, how fast) some self defense techniques in these classes? Will you be able to use them in real life situations? Do they prepare you also
Posted in Abuse and Violence Resources by nao
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Okay, so i cheated on my bf about 6 month ms into our relationship with a guy 20 years older then me at our work. And it was a rule that it was only at work we hooked up 3 times. My bf caught us kissing. And so since then ive been the spitting image of a
Posted in Infidelity by kaylamount
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Here i am in this moment, of getting my thoughts together, and putting some pieces to my happiness thats been lost trying to keep another person happy. When i leave and take a break from being wifey or friend , im always being told im leaving the relatio
Posted in Relationships by Keejum2
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Hi everyone, is my first time using this site. Honestly, I was told by a friend that it will help me. My current situation is as follows. sorry for the long essay I been in a relationship for over 2 years, engaged for 2 months. At the start of the
Posted in Relationships by bravo2010
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My GF and I were together for about 5 months. Things were great except for some of my questioning her online activity which challenged her. All communication stopped after one of these arguments. I sent her an apology and she did not respond. I sent
Posted in Breaking Up by CONFUSED214
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My ex of almost three years just ended it last Tuesday, he has always had problems with my drive and ambition and this is not the first time he has broken it off with me for it. This time he said I'm taking too long going back to school and it will take t
Posted in Breaking Up by Leeleemars
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