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Hi all, Have read this forum a few times but first post, please go easy on me as I'm not doing great right now. I did try and post an advice request on reddit, but it wasn't helpful and was downright mean tbh. So, background: Met my now
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by uzbyz9
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We decided 2 months ago to rent an apartment together. She JUST quit her job and us already moved in. I had no idea she was having problems at this job and I thought that she was happy. Because of her quitting, I have been having EXTREME cold feet. Like I
Posted in Friendship and Friends by Starseed450
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Thereís a guy at my work (M19) and I (F21) really am crushing on him. He always teases me and he doesnít do this with anyone else. He also always stares at me and smile and I do the same. I canít tell if he likes me or not, and Iím wondering if heís not m
Posted in Dating Advice by LillyBella224
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I have this lady friend I have known for decades through my job she eventually quit and been friends for 3 years, she's 40 and 2 grown up kids. I had this MAJOR apiphany last night that rocked my world for the first time in my life, left me shaking for
Posted in Friendship and Friends by MMPR
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My boyfriend (48) and I (36) were together for almost 3 years. We broke up a few times in between but were trying to work it out. Then we had the biggest fight in January. He used to tell me that I need to fix my anger issues, that I dont know how to
Posted in Relationship Advice by CloudedBlue
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Some backstory - we dated for 2 months, had an argument about how she wouldn't be able to commit (she's divorced and has had trouble having a long term boyfriend), she left me, 2 days later she said she made a mistake and we tried again and lasted another
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by hwm8
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so I'm a (27)man. I've been with my girlfriend (26) for about a year and a half now. she is really nice and sweet and we have quite a few things in common, however about the last year things have been all over the place, we have really good days. but the
Posted in Dating Advice by quanphillips
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So, I had a date yesterday, didn't have any expectations but was hopeful that the chemistry via text would relate to real life. It did! Instant connection and all the important things I'm looking for, common interests and values appear to be there. He mad
Posted in Dating Advice by thornz
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I'm 29 year old women, seeking a man no younger than 39 years old possibly additional 10 years on that. I'm not very well off and I believe having the extra income from a man would benefit me in life for various reasons. I would love someone to lead me in
Posted in Finding Love and Soulmate by mej210390
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I met this person online and so far we went on the first date having dinner at a restaurant. Then the second date we went for hiking up and down the mountain with beautiful scenery which was really nice. I had lovely time. He paid for all the 2 dates whic
Posted in Dating Advice by zzzz74032343
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Hi everyone, Iím new to this so not sure exactly how things work. Iím struggling with a 6 month relationship that I had and Iím curious if anyone else has been in the same situation and if any advice/guidance could be offered? So me (28) and the lad
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Samsmith50
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To begin, I will add a little backstory. So there was this guy who I hung out with at college last year during the first semester. We have been talking back and forth for the past 10 months. We had this group of friends that we would always hang out with
Posted in Dating Advice by katyfran45
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So...I met a girl online. Although our age gap is kinda big, our conversations were great and she kept texting me initiatively throughout the day. We had been texting for 4 and a half month, until yesterday I told her that I felt like she doesn't ta
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by WallaceNg
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Recently my husband of 20+ years wanted a threesome and after several times got me to say yes (I said no first two times he asked. The third time I I throught I had to say yes to save our marriage). He wanted this as he thought it could spice us our marr
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Married10444
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Hi, My name is Heather. My parents are getting a divorce after 30years together. I'm 30 by the way. Don't know what to think yet but it has only been a week since i found out. Never saw this coming, never thought it would ever be my family d
Posted in Divorce Advice by hegreg01
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Hi. Ive been seeing a guy for maybe 2 months now and suddenly feel very anxious about him distancing himself and not showing affection. Our first date we met up and went for a hike and ended up going out for drinks and going to dinner and after that we
Posted in Dating Advice by Anon333
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i dont know what to do any more me and my boyfriend broke up a few days ago and he said he still loves me and i still love him but the reason he broke up with me is because people we making fun of him for dating someone my age i am 15 he i 17 but it is no
Posted in Relationship Advice by AliceSummers
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So recent my ex got engaged and is having his party at ¬ďour¬Ē work. My two best friends have said they will be attending this party and my work are demanding I work despite me thinking that¬ís a slap in the face from all three of them? So me and him w
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by JupiterRain
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Hey! She is one of my best friends (both 18, I'm soon turning 19, we've just finished high school), and the relationship topic came up, and she told me that se doesn't want anything more from me than a friendship, but that she really does. I told her n
Posted in Love Advice by throwingin
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