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My Fianc of 5 years broke up with me yesterday for good. She was everything to me. 2 weeks ago she called me randomly and said I dont love you anymore Im not happy and gave her engagement ring back to me. Im a 23 YO Male and shes a 22 YO Female. We h
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Camward95
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My online dating history: 2013: talked to a girl for 3 months and were supposed to meet and she canceled date 24 hrs before we were supposed to meet and never talked to me again 2014: met mutual friend from Facebook but only one time. She promised she
Posted in Dating Advice by Ramsfan99
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My partner and I have been together for a few years. We decided to have another man join us in the bedroom, We enjoy this occasionally. He just watches and sometimes joins in . Is there anyone that has had or is having the same experience as I .
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by cabota
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We have been in a relationship for a few years , I enjoy having another man joining us in the bed roomand as dose he.Is this normal for a couple to enjoy this? Is there anyone that can share about this same experience?
Posted in Relationship Commitment by cabota
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Hello all. So i will get right into it. I met this woman, we hit it off! We lived about and hour and 20 minutes apart so we only saw each other on the weekends and sometimes during the week. not much though. It was love at first site thing. Both o
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by dumfounded
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Hello everyone. This year is my first year at college. At the beginning of the year, there is this female classmate who seemed interested ine me, she asked for my phone number, asked me to hang out and when she needs help with something, i'm the first
Posted in Relationship Advice by OOOggEEEgg
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So I know I've been posting a lot for advice, but about two weeks ago my girlfriend and I have argued on and off for the past 2-3 weeks on the phone over small disagreements, which turn into pretty big fights where things would be said that would hurt eac
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by vmaypa
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OK here it goes, my wife lives and is from wisconsin and I live in Fla, we are still legally married and for close to about 13 yrs. We meet on a website got married about 3-4 months after that. Recently she wanted to sign papers for a divorce which we did
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by corvet786c
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Hello enotaloners :) Long story short, me and my gf broke up friendly, but after we had some little fights in our last 2 months of relationship. The story goes like this -> Im 26 and shes 22, and weve been together for almost 2 years. We were
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by howtoforget
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Hi everyone. This is a question about my very best friend. We have been friends for 17 years.. Over the last year I've noticed some changes in her. She seems almost.. Annoyed with me whenever I contact her. She's fine if it's her initiating contact, bu
Posted in Friendship and Friends by nowimnothing
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Hi everyone, any and all input/advice would be appreciated. I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years and weve lived together for 3. While I worked full time I contributed whatever I could financially (he makes substantially more than I did). How
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by leeuhhwk
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So I posted before about a casual situation where I started catching feelings for my partner but out of nowhere they broke it off in a tacky way. I get it, casual holds no merit but it happens. I grew a bond with my partner as a friend. Uplifting, encoura
Posted in Dating Advice by LivingLife1
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Disclaimer - Hello everyone. I would first like to say thank you for this forum/site for helping me get better through this rough breakup. The insight and support is amazing. That being said I am going to list some stuff I should clarify before going on
Posted in Getting Back Together by ineedahug
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My boyfriend and I engage in sex almost whenever we can (unprotected & protected) for the last 7 months. Its so easy for him to get aroused while Im complete opposite, meaning itll take some time. We tried kissing, foreplay, etc. & nothing rises to mak
Posted in Sex and Romance by lilsunfl0wer
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Hi So I decided to bring a "thank you" cake on my last day with an incredible team that I've worked with for few months. But there is this guy from the team who helped me big time during my training at this company. I liked him and I guess he liked me
Posted in Relationship Communication by four
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Always follow your gut. It went from bad to worse to a disaster! I ended up dating him exclusively and for two weekends it went well. Now it has spiraled downhill! First, I find out he married someone for money but they are separated not divorced. Then, h
Posted in Dating Advice by Gymgirl71
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Hey, I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year now, he is awesome, treats me like a princess, (him and I met January 2018) well in 2017, he started going out and getting to know this other girl which was in his work environment, according to him she
Posted in Dating Advice by leslielop
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My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months. We live (separately) very close to the town he grew up in, and he works for the town that he grew up in. I've already met his parents several times. My parents are about a 3 hour drive from where we live.
Posted in Dating Advice by lazzara
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I have been in a relationship for over 1.5 years with a truly great man. Over the past 3 months I have started to lose my love for him and want a change. I met a wonderful guy who I clicked with and really REALLY like. I tried to end it 2 days ago to be w
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Warmer
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I am attracted to this security guard at a company I am at temporarily. The thing is that, because of his job, he stays at the desk by the door, and literally can't get up to get to know me; I have to go up to him if I want any conversation, though I'd ra
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Oh me Oh I
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