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I am in a 1 half year relationship, MY GF has been very jeluss and it inscured me. At first delt with her inscuritys by deleting my friends (girls) on social media contacts... it didn't help the more I was hunist with her the more she believed I was lying
Posted in Jealousy by abesherman
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:rugby: Well 'm back here after a very long absence to which I was hoping would be permanent! I created my ENA account early March 2004 (13 years ag0) for advice on how to get back an ex. For several years I totally forgot about this web site, until the
Posted in Getting Back Together by askdan
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Whenever we have a disagreement or argument he threatens divorce. It is always so extreme. This time he said I broke my commitment to tell him if I spend over $25. I told him my car brakes were $500. It needed transmission fluid and brake fluid and fuel i
Posted in Divorce by lisa4321
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It's funny. At first I wanted to send an email to the ex explaining that I still had feelings for her. (The breakup was instigated by her and we've been Apart for just a month with NC the whole time.) of course I wasn't planning to send the e-mail until m
Posted in Getting Back Together by AMC1995
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So my Gf (31 yo, with her for 2 years) has 2 kids and she needed someone to watch them one Sunday. I said I would do it while she was at work. That weekend I went down the shore with my friends and they asked me to stay the weekend. Saturday I texted her
Posted in Getting Back Together by jm8407
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My husband and I had separated for a short time, my choice. I was having an emotional affair with this man for a few months prior to me leaving. I then started a deeper relationship with the man and I thought we were meant for each other. I ended up being
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by Mommisarah
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Okay- I'm going through a breakup. And I am not happy about it or coping with it well. The thing is, my 'ex' (if I can call him that) has the tendency to be a little dramatic. We do argue, yes, but we also have an amazing dynamic. We've been here befor
Posted in Breaking Up by DrkHrt
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I'm currently having an affair with my boss ! I know it sounds wrong but we have been flirting for a few years now . Nothing ever happened . Until , 4-5 months ago , where he grabbed me and started kissing me. I honestly, thought it would be a one time th
Posted in Infidelity by Jasmin19
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I sent him a photograph of us today (which he had initially sent to me himself, saying how much he likes it) and asked 'Is it okay if i put this on the internet?' (Background info: I've never put up a photo of us together on the internet before) He sa
Posted in Relationships by Pretzel
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I've been seeing him for 3 months. He's been open/honest, even when I don’t like what he’s saying. He told me up front, his relationship side is ‘under construction’ from being left by his fiancee b/c of his gambling addiction, which he is also currently
Posted in Dating by namharnotalone
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Little back story and please refrain from judgment i just think this is something you need to know to really give me your opinion on him. I recently found that my boyfriend responds to craigslist ads there are no conversations he just responds and thats i
Posted in Trust and Relationships by Zuzii
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Hi guys/girls. I'm a complete novice at dealing with men and texting I suppose so I'll try to make this as brief as possible. I met someone at my office party in December. He kept asking me questions like; am I married? Do I live alone? What kinda c
Posted in Dating by Pipis
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I have been dating my boyfriend for a year, everything has been amazing since the beginning and I felt that I could trust him 100%. We recently moved in together and it's been great. Before we moved in her expressed some insecurities about me cheating on
Posted in Infidelity by Blueeyes19
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Hi everyone, I have been in a long term relationship for 7 years with many ups and downs. I have been engaged since 2015 and called off the engagement last week. Is it the right thing to do to wait for your partner to change in order to be happy? Long
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Natasha207
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I have been in a serious relationship for about 6 years now, the first few years we were long distance and the remainder of the time we have shared a home together. When I made the big move to his city and found a job, we decided to sign a lease together.
Posted in Breaking Up by cky915311
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Dated a girl yesterday I met through a friend, we went for lunch. I was going to pay the food for the two of us but she didn´t let me do it, she payed and told that I can pay next time. Then, she told me that she was going to Los Angeles 5 days but that w
Posted in Dating by rov
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Hi everyone:) So, me and my ex boyfriend were friends for about three years before we started dating eachother, he was my best friend, we were so close and I felt as if I could share anything with him. We started dating in May 2016 and broke up in the Oc
Posted in Breaking Up by nightdreamer22
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I've been working with this girl who I fell for pretty much straight away however I was in a long term relationship at the time so didn't pursue it. That relationship broke down 6 months ago resulting in me moving back with my parents short term. About 3
Posted in Dating and Shy People by Quicksilver21
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Hi. i've been with my g/f for 8 yrs now. we've always argued quite a bit but lately the arguments seem to be getting more frequent. there are all sorts of topics. for example one argument is she says "you arent interested in having a future with me"....n
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by bobbyclobby
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I lent my boyfriend of three months £125 two weeks ago to pay a bill. Said he'd pay me back but nothing from him so far and no mention of repayment. Should I ask him or leave it a bit longer.
Posted in Dating by Daisy78
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