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My GF and me broke up over the course of 72 hours everything collapsed. We were living together she was 25 and I 37 ... things were perfect but one night my lent up anger came out because I was never allowed to vent or be mad .. if I disagreed with her ..
Posted in Breaking Up by Rks0707
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Hi all, I'm in a really interesting position. I'm 6 months post BU from a 4 yr relationship (M30 F26). I thought everything was great since she never expressed her issues with our relationship. I have no idea her current relationship status. No con
Posted in Getting Back Together by Baowtadow
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So I volunteered to wine and dine some important customers at my new job. I have been here a month and know very little about my company and their products beyond my own project. I also know nothing about the customers company. I am also new to the town a
Posted in Career, Money and Education by thornz
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Hey, guys, it's been a couple of days! So it's been a week of no contact, which is what my ex wanted. She asked for space, and there's more on that in my other threads. Anyway, on social media, I've posted a few photos since the breakup. Nothing to make
Posted in Getting Back Together by haileym
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I want to preface this with the fact that my wife and I aren't legally married, we were married in an Islamic ceremony, and our marriage is solely based on that, we made a decision to not register our marriage with the Canadian federal government or the p
Posted in Divorce by kwaaivoel
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Hey guys, been ages since I posted something here, but today I felt inspired to re-write the song lyrics to Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles. I just need to express how I'm feeling and music/writing is the only way I know how. Hope you like it I gue
Posted in Poetry, Prose, Art & Photography by Loriana
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I have posted several threads regarding my relationship with my now ex. We were together for 3 years but it was very back and fourth and lots of miscommunication. So yes this was a whole mess already. I fell pregnant and it was due to my own fault as I mi
Posted in Relationships by Kaykayxo
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My girlfriend broke up with me a week ago. We have not talked once since she ended things -- just a series of passive aggressive text messages every day. I hurt her badly. I was caught using a dating app and texting with one person. I never met this wo
Posted in Breaking Up by SGHB
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Do you think it actually happens, where two married people get together.... they talk and talk and talk about getting together and are both so excited about it.... they get together once.... then continue to talk about it and about other things they want
Posted in Infidelity by ReadyorNot
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Hi, I am new here, I have been reading the Getting back together forum. I love my ex more than the stars and the moon. He is my shining light. We were FWB first for about 2 months. Then he said he wanted to be in a relationship now we dated for 3 mont
Posted in Getting Back Together by electric2324
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Me and a guy dated for two months about two years ago but he ended things saying he wanted to focus on work etc but he'd always be there. I was only 19 at the time so I was heartbroken and proceeded to call him drunk every weekend. I understand that I act
Posted in Dating by Sjsldlsksjsh1
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So just a while back, me and my boyfriend were on a break for about fifteen days (his decision). So the last day of our break, he was calling me and telling me that he wanted me back and stuff but I wasn't answering. I finally wrote back and told him that
Posted in Relationships by Ltrjx13
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Hi there. I have been in releasionship for 9 years now, Married 4. At the start we were dead close, she was clingy and stuff like that. Over the last 3 years she has sufferd from aneity and depression and left her job, She recently started her o
Posted in Breaking Up by doseofstyle
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Looking for some input. I have been in a 2.5 yr relationship. We're mid-30's/early 40s in age. 4 kids (one for her, three for me). We moved in together about 4 months ago. My current girlfriend has a good/civil relationship with her ex, they split som
Posted in Relationships by AnonymousSloth
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I'm not exactly sure how this works, but I need some dating advice. Maybe everyone things I'm too young but I'm 14 and my boyfriend is 16. We kiss and make out and everything, and he touches me normally but does not let me touch him. I don't get it, he's
Posted in Dating by Unityballs
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broke up with my girlfriend about 5 months ago. We lived together for just about a year and it was great untill I got comfortable in the relationship and quit trying. I know that was a mistake I should have never made. We had a fight one night after every
Posted in Getting Back Together by Musclehampster
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I was with this girl for 3 months. Short but quite serious. A couple of times we discussed trying for kids after 1 year together. About 8 days ago we had a massive argument. In the heat of the moment I said I can't be with her anymore, she's too argume
Posted in Getting Back Together by likeahawk
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My husband wants to go back to being an officer in the military. He is presently in the military and has been since 1986. He resigned his commission in 2007 and went from Army to Air Force and became an NCM doing a specialist trade. ( avionics systems te
Posted in Career, Money and Education by ~Seraphim ~
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So I met a guy perhaps 3 weeks ago. We had instant chemistry. I have a bit of an eclectic personality and I have generally found that my partners can keep up with one aspect of my personality, but not with all of my interests. With this guy, he has pretty
Posted in Dating by polarseltzer
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My BF of a little over a year went out of town and has only contacted me to let me know he made it there safely. We hit a rough patch where he's reconsidering our relationship. The last time he went away he called and text me every day. We are used to see
Posted in Relationships by scotchpad
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