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Hi... I am really feeling at a loss so here is some information about my current situation. its so hard to be with my mother. she wont tell me how she's feeling, and i get angry because i cant figure out how she's feeling, and then we have a huge figh
Posted in Breaking Up by confusedpam
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Here's a little summary: Hung out with my boyfriend Jake and his friend Mike. He makes sexual jokes and flirts with Jake “jokingly” because that’s just how their friendship works. Mike said “lets f***”. Jake slaps his butt. I asked Jake about it and he
Posted in Relationships by achloe18
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I have wronged many people during my short adulthood and it took my recent divorce to realize the depth of my problems. I have another thread on the Parenting forum about me and my stepdaughter, and I guess this is the concluding thread. I grew up wat
Posted in Personal Growth by semaj281
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After a long reminiscing and nostalgia on my narcis ex who ghosted me. Someone on dating app began talking to me, I really like him and he seems to be very interested in me. He asked me to add him on whatsapp, then said how he looks forward coming back fr
Posted in Dating by Virallad
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I'm asking because last weekend, during the first day of my period, I decided to go shopping and run errands. I was feeling fine until I got into one store. I felt nauseous, light headed, and extremely warm. I began to break out in a sweat and felt very w
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by milly007
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My boyfriend & I have been together for almost five years, lately he's been laying about when he gets off work, who he's with and what he's doing. He's been driving a girl home after work and it really bothers me that he feels the need to hide it from me.
Posted in Relationships by jazzybear78
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Hey guys, I made an account here for help. Background I am 21M and she is 22F, we both go to the same college, different course, but live in same dorm. I am her first boyfriend, and she was my first serious girlfriend. Hence, there were so ma
Posted in Getting Back Together by kylekyle
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My ex and I broke up a year and some change ago and haven’t spoken since. During the first half of our break up, she was asking my sister (one of her good friends) if I wanted little s*** back ie. My student id from community college a week after I gradua
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by inmyfeelings
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I'm 17 never had and never wanted a realationship with some until I met this girl (who I'm going to refer to as M). M was perfect for me we liked the same music, shows on Netflix, the outdoors, and we related in other personal ways. When I met her I was 1
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by Bsky02
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A little back story first... I went through a divorce 18 months ago. It was pretty hard on me emotionally. Then I turned around and met someone, got too serious too soon an was wrecked again. It's been a year now since that happened. I felt repuls
Posted in Dating and Shy People by Pluto07
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Amazing first date yesterday with a guy a met a few weeks ago to a group meeting. We were both away and when he came back we texted each other and set for a date yesterday. We went bowling, for drinks and then dancing. We made out on the dance floor and i
Posted in Dating by Mikaila
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So I have been going to some class once a week where I have developed interested in some girl that I have been casually chitchatting with. This week I finally decided to just tell her we should hang out and asked for her number. But then she told me that
Posted in Dating by BrokenGator
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Hello all, I need really help, I talk to a Belorussian girl, she is weird, I met her once and she seemed interested,she gave me her phone without I ask , she took my phone from my hand and she saved it, very interested ,after we back to home she far aw
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by John kramer
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I crushed on this guy last year, not reciprocated. He was attracted to me sure, we’ve been intimate, but not attracted enough to make anything of it. I went low contact and talked myself out of the crush and see him sporadically as he still invites me out
Posted in Dating by 1a1a
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So my now ex-boyfriend broke up with a week ago, we have broken up many times before. the first "real" break up happened in august which lasted for about a week and a half before he contacted me and said he regrets everything. but about 4 days before he c
Posted in Breaking Up by ifsinak
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*If you could take the time to read all the context it will be so appreciated* So me and my EX split up over a month ago. We was together for around a year and a half. Was an amazing relationship and she was also my first ever love I opened up to thi
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by samthomas98
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I fell in love with her nearly 3 years ago now, and she fell in love with me. 'Soulmates' is fitting to the situation and it's mutual. However, we were not able to spend the last almost 2 years of our relationship in person. I entered into a relationship
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by DannyBoy55
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Hey guys. 4 months ago my ex and I broke up. It was her decision and mostly had to do with the fact that I was suffering badly from depression and didn't handle it well at all and it was stressing her out. Over these last few months I've been NC. I've bee
Posted in Getting Back Together by SK123
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Ok so, sorry this is going to be a long one, but I’m seriously confused and could really use some help. I moved into a new shared house a year ago and an really confused about the relationship between me and my (guy) housemate. We have had a flirt
Posted in Dating by Couldntthinkof
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hi could someone help I have terrible mouth problems (gums and teeth) basically ot the point being harassed about it everywhere and likely to lose my job .I also just got a terrible surgery done that had complications. I was accomplished etc my em
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by dn11
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