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I feel like I might not feel the set anymore
Posted in Trust and Relationships by DianaRamos
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This is my first post here so hello all. This is an awkward one (as I'm sure most are) so please bear with me. So we've been together a very busy three years achieving our goals and moving back to our respective parents for the financial stability,
Posted in Relationship Communication by Fletch
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Hi, everybody. Yeah, that's as positive and excited I get these days... I weigh far too much, I struggle with depression (and still i drink during the weekends) and a lack of motivation, I skip work alarmingly often, I have no energy to spend time w
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by Rudderless
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Ok let's see how this goes... I married my wife, knowing she was a dog lover. I personally don't have a drama with dogs as such, my family had dogs while I was growing up but they were always an 'outside toy '. So she had these two dogs. They lived i
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by batso1340
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Me and D was together for a year when our little girl was born. Things were great, until DV started. D got arrested in Oct 16 and found guilty so we broke up for a while at that period. Then started seeing each other for a while a few months later, then f
Posted in Love Advice by JadeP29
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Ok so for a long time we had issues being friends on fb and insta. She had guys on profile that she didnt know and some she knew. She would post pictures of herself and guys would go crazy... there nothing aggresive, her smiling. Pictures after getting he
Posted in Dating Advice by mcross70
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I was at the grocery store today and a man came up to me while the checker was ringing me up. He sat a beer can on the pay counter and says "hey man, you got that for me, right?" It was a stunning thing that I had just witnessed: someone so shameless and
Posted in Personal Growth by JayR
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I was dating this girl for 4 months. We were seeing each other like once every week or 2 weeks since we are both competetive athletes and both studying, so there wasn't much time. I was at her place 3 fckin times and I just didn't know what to do. I had s
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by mponser
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I non-exclusively dated a girl for about 3 months and really was falling for her hard... she ended things because she was 80% sure she was going to have to move in the summer because her phd advisor was probably going to accept a position at a different u
Posted in Dating Advice by jackie103
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Husband hates his Job. Since we met he has nine jobs and we have moved house for each of these jobs. His work takes us to remote areas where the only work I can get is menial and low paid. After about a year into each job he starts to hate it.
Posted in Relationship Advice by okeyd
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Hi everyone Please bare with me as Iím new to this site! Just looking for a bit to advise really and what would be the best course of action because I feel so lost Broke up with my boyfriend of almost 5 years a month ago.. contact stopped 3 weeks ago.
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Rachel269
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Hi been living with bf 2 years but after our arguing and my insecure jealousy he moved out but he still paying rent and still has most of his stuff here and keys I want him back so bad and he says we have tried too many times and I have issues I have been
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by ShaniBaker
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Hi guys, I feel close to many of y'all so basically posting this to get my feelings out and for support. As many of you know, my brother has terminal cancer and will most likely not last the year; he's not doing well at all, so it may be sooner (tears)
Posted in Grief Loss and Bereavement by katrina1980
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I have a friend who is becoming increasingly dillusional and paranoid. She is consumed with thoughts and obsessive thinking that are not rational yet she believes them to be 100% true . She has already attempted suicide. All her friends and family are con
Posted in Friendship and Friends by dgunn60390
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My boyfriend is off for 4 days and I had made plans for one of the days and just told him that we could stuff the other days, would you feel upset that I didnít ask if we had any weekend plans before I made one? This past Tuesday it bothered him too cause
Posted in Relationship Advice by Leesee0702
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Hey all, My ex broke up with me a few weeks back over something I did and I am beating myself up but also being told by friends and family and 3 doctors that she is using it as an excuse and is over reacting and I did nothing wrong. This is a complicat
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by MrWobblyTickle
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Just started texting this girl my friend knows on snap last night and she responds pretty quick and has been the initiator both last night and this morning. I just added her in the friend suggestions because I recognized her name, my friend told me sheís
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by JonnyT
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Hi guys, I posted here about 5 weeks back with all sorts of problems that my recent breakup has caused, specifically the physical problems of tightness in my chest, difficulty breathing and anxiety. It stopped me going outside, going to work bacislly fun
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by AlexBroome
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Hello! I am new to these forums and this is my first post! So please bare with me! Ok, so here's my situation. Firstly, I don't have an extensive dating record as I have always been quite reserved and shy in the world of dating, that is, up until re
Posted in Dating Advice by GenericUser
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My boyfriend goes to a lot of festivals over the summer period, I do too BUT when he goes to 5 day festivals with just his friends, I always find myself missing him a lot and wanting to talk to him, I then find myself getting upset and feeling like he doe
Posted in Relationship Advice by Jask2019
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