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I was in a relationship for only two months, I grew attached to this girl and was very serious about the relationship. After the second month the girl changed a ton and became emotionally abusive towards me and I eventually decided to stand up to her and
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by JuanTerri
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Hi everyone, I did do a post before about my struggles I was having in a relationship, so snoop around on my profile if you want to know what happened. Basically I've broken up with my bf since then and its a mutual break up, he wasnt in the right mind
Posted in Getting Back Together by Incompatible
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Greetings all, Iíve posted on here before, but a little background about me: 28 year old male, college educated, independent, single, just an average dude living my life. I donít quite know how to convey my issue, so Iíll do my I have noticed Iíve
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by mack1490
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In my community, we have this latest so called 'Rule' of being skinny or else would hardly find a parter for marriage. People body scan the girls especially to check where the extra fat is. I believe I am in a heathy figure, but because of my large body f
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by Ksyrl
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Hi all, was just looking for some different perspectives on a matter that I'm sure has come up for us all. Recently my bf and I were hanging out, when he caught me quite off guard. He said he loved me. Now I have been thinking about the same, but haven
Posted in Relationship Advice by frustrated1
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Hey everyone... Mutual friends introduced me and x 2 years ago .we were going to the same college so we became fast friends.she always puts me first even when I was having problems with my bestfriend and we always used to pass time last year
Posted in Friendship and Friends by BrokenHalos
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Hello All! I am currently new here, so please let me know if there is someting I'm missing! I've come to this fourm because I have been getting many mixed signals from my boyfriend, and I am not sure what actions to take, or if I am just simply over
Posted in Relationship Advice by Uchihaha
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Hi everyone, 25(F) dating a 31(M). We have been seeing each other for 2.5 years. Been through some up and downs, majority fine and dandy but I believe he's finally given me an ultimatum. I believe he has anger issues. When something goes wrong he will s
Posted in Relationship Advice by ThoughtfulKate
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Hello, this has nothing to do with love relashionships but didnt know where to post. I am giving classes in my house since I am a teacher and I had this guy contacting me about classes and asked if he could have a first try ckass and then decide if wanted
Posted in Relationship Advice by successthis
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Hi everyone :) very new here. I really just need advice. Iíve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a year now. Our anniversary is this week. Iíve only ever been in one other relationship previously that lasted about 6 months... So really my
Posted in Relationship Advice by Ari777
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Hi all, I really would love some advice here. My partner and I have two year old twin boys and, as they are growing up I am wanting to establish proper family time - sitting down together to eat dinner as much as possible for starters. My partner
Posted in Parenting and Families by Sammie40
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I dunno. My bf has had a fair bit going on and I've been trying to be supportive but I'm feeling like..... I don't even know how to put it. He's had family issues which are hopefully getting sorted now (Mum has dementia, but he's sorted out professiona
Posted in Relationship Advice by smittenkittn
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I feel somewhat stupid posting about this, but it is an issue that I run in to a lot and need some advice to correct it. Maybe it is just the type of girls that I am interested that are the problem, or it is something that I am doing that pushes them awa
Posted in Dating Advice by Sooner0914
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Hi I need a lot of help and my name is Martin, its not my real name; Id prefer to ask for help anonymously for the sole reason of being able to say whatever I need to. I made some unintentional mistakes and now my friend says that Ive ruined the friendshi
Posted in Relationship Communication by Anonmanchild
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I met my boyfriend 5 months ago now. When we first met he told me he was going to be moving to Japan to teach English, so it is something I have known for the entire relationship. He wants to go to be able to see what kind of life he can make for himself,
Posted in Relationship Advice by Nauruan
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She's 28, an immigrant, I'm 33. I have C-PTSD, so relationships do not come easily. Been together 3 months, a very rocky time. Last week, we had a really amazing date. The next day she came over for about an hour and a half. I kissed her for the first ti
Posted in Relationship Advice by Slagar
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6 months ago, I experienced the worst heartbreak of my life. I was deeply in love with this woman and she showed me affection that nobody in my life has ever shown me. The last couple of weeks, she started to get a little distant and then admitted to me t
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by JDC
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My boyfriend of 8 months broke up with me out of the blue. Things we're going so well. We had fun every time we were together. The sex was always great. We were supportive of each other. His friends liked me and my friends liked him. We had the same futu
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Brittany16
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My now ex gf and I were together for 3 years 3 month back we split. But by chance we bumped into eachother in a different city and got talking again (strange right) it almost seemed written in the stars. She confessed she was depressed to me therefore I h
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Dank2
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So, I have a date coming up this Thursday, weíve been talking for a couple of weeks (met via a popular online app), sheís been away for the last 10 days with work but gets home on Tuesday. Anyway, the topic of height finally came up on the weekend... this
Posted in Dating Advice by Hive
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