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I’ll keep it short and simple. I’ve been dating this girl for over 4 years and it’s been incredible, we get along very well, she’s been my best friend. We talk every day and she’s like a release from my work. We’ve had some very emotionally positive times
Posted in Relationship Advice by Throwaway897
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For those on the path to reconciliation, what was the catalyst that began the process? Who initiated? If you were in no contact, how long before you started communicating again?
Posted in Getting Back Together by Neruda20
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I already asked a question similar to this but it got me thinking and i was wondering what it means when a guy texts his ex while months into a new relationship. What that means about the relationship he is in and his fulfillment in it. I’m not hoping to
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by marlowe1996
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Just got done with “Getting last your breakup” by Susan Elliot. Was decent. Any other book recommendations on breakup recovery, codependency, stages of grief etc etc that helped you?
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by CubbyBear
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Hey! So a few weeks ago I got with someone I work with. We have been together a few times since, him coming to my home on one occasion. Since the first time a few weeks ago, we speak every day. Naturally we speak during work but then as soon as we fin
Posted in Dating and Shy People by AvaD21
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My youngest son is getting married in Oct. I spent mothers day with both of my sons, my future DIL and her family. While discussing wedding plans and logistics, it was mentioned in passing, in a very matter of fact way, that my ex husband and I will b
Posted in Divorce Advice by reinventmyself
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How do you handle a friend who constantly talks about their relationships and problems, but the minute you begin to talk about anything regarding yourself, they quickly lose interest and seem disinterested? I am a very good listener and have this probl
Posted in Friendship and Friends by stormie
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Right now, I'm suffering pretty badly. I was in a short relationship (3 months) that ended back in January. I really liked the guy and it's been almost 6 months and I'm still not over him. I think the fact that we lasted so little time just adds to my hur
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Fabi83
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Hey friends, Quick run down about my 10yr old step-son (I have 2 step sons) and 1 young daughter (2yrs old).. 1. Diagnosed a couple years back with ADD/ADHD, Impulsivity, and some EDs ... 2. Lives with us 95% of the time, goes to fathers every oth
Posted in Parenting and Families by MrAdversity
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My boyfriend has been hiding his attraction to transgender men. He doesn't know I have found out and I don't know how to go about talking to him about it.Any advice would be much appreciated.
Posted in Relationship Advice by JenWillis
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I started talking to a girl a few weeks ago, met her online. We had our first date last Saturday, took her flowers and met her at a local steakhouse. Great conversation, no awkward moments and things flowed. We finished up dinner and decided to just walk
Posted in Dating Advice by 2005TAHOE
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So where to begin. Was in a 7 year relationship. Things were going fine for the first few years then we hit some problems, she was emotionally cheating on me for years with a guy in another country she had met before we got together (as detailed in a prev
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Jimbob83
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I woke up out of my sleep in the middle of the night because my daughter started crying and my girlfriend didn’t hear it so I tend to her. When I got back in my bed to go to sleep I heard my girlfriend moaning damn Stevie it’s huge. I tried to ignore it a
Posted in Sex and Romance by Dsimmons11
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So last time I was off, I went to my ol lady’s house for a few days. Where she proceeded to get drunk every night. Not the biggest deal I know she’s a functioning alcoholic nothing new there just a little aggravating talking in circles. One day I was help
Posted in Relationship Advice by Capttrae
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I think this man has feelings for me. He compliments me often, he stands close to me (moves down a stair on the escalator), lets his arm rest against mine whenever it might be subtle enough to do so, helps me with little things (like retying my fishing li
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by FirstDates
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So this girl I really like a lot and has told me that she likes me a lot and we have been going out and doing different things but we're not officially dating. I asked her a few weeks ago about dating and her answer was "I'm not ready for anyone right now
Posted in Dating and Shy People by monkeyguy80
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I am a female highschool freshman and I desperately need quick help, especially because I have no prior relationship experience. I have had a crush on a guy who I am ALMOST sure likes me back. For the past month, I have caught him staring at me multip
Posted in Dating and Shy People by AnakWaihara
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I just need to ask point blank, any tips or tricks to stop crying. I can't get over this women. It's been 3 weeks. I hate the fact that no matter what I do or where I go, I think of her and I am a huge mess. As most of you know, when the pain becomes too
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by CubbyBear
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It's been almost five months since I went NC with my ex, and I'm honestly doing great. It's very rare for me to think much about the breakup at all. After the breakup, I initially tried to date some and went on many first dates, but I stopped after a bi
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by SGH
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As the title says, I am in love with my best friend. We have known each other for almost 2 years now, and she is the most amazing person I've met. I want to tell her how I feel, but things are a bit more complicated than that. We first met through a mutua
Posted in Finding Love and Soulmate by Dranzer
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