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A guy i like gave me his telephone number. I know him to say hi to as he worked in the same place as my ex in factory that makes cars. it's busy hardwork. Me and my ex been apart 2 years since divorce. I text him few hours later to say it would be nice
Posted in Dating Advice by Tulip777
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Already have a thread about my breakup but ive been thinking and reading a bit about what happened to me with my last break up. Basically was together for over a year. For most of the first year things were pretty good. She did most of the persuing. Mo
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by an0nym0us123
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I have been about a month since strict NC. I left our apartment and I had my reasons, which I am sticking to. She basically, selfishly pushed me out of our life, so I took the hints and left. Haven't spoken or seen her since. She hasn't reached out either
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by pacopaco
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I dated a guy for 2.5 years and he just called me out of the blue. We haven't talked for over a year since the breakup. He just wants to catch up and go fishing or out to eat. I still have feelings for him but am worried what he's looking for. I think I n
Posted in Getting Back Together by Millrun123
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I really need some words of encouragement. I am 7 days into no contact and my ex has called me every day except yesterday. This morning he sent me a bunch of texts saying he missed me, wanted to see me, and asking if he could come over. It's so hard for m
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Cnh41268
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I've been struggling so long now wth my SO. I've been real unhappy living with him and felt I was to blame. I suffer from depression and anxiety. It started about a year into the relationship. I'm undergoing cognitive treatment now. I'm beginning to feel
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by NE1Listening
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Weve been together since June. Only one argument to note, which we resolved swiftly and quickly. I can say weve been going well, and I think she might too. Anyway, the reason for this post is I suffer from mild anxiety, which gets worse
Posted in Relationship Advice by Sgthaytham
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In the last few months but particularly the last few weeks I have been experiencing high levels of stress. There are a few important contributing factors - feelings of grief, impossible workload with little managerial support, heartbreak and reaching 40
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by quirky
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All this week I have been down as it has been a year since my mums death. I havent been to work and felt I needed to be alone so didnt really talk to anyone. My friend and I had plans to go out this weekend and she text me during the week to see if we wer
Posted in Friendship and Friends by sbm1111
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Alright so I have absolutely NO idea why this has started to bother me lately. My boyfriend and I have been together for 9 months now. We have a very healthy, good relationship. I have 0 complains about our relationship as of now except that lately, he
Posted in Relationship Advice by AlexSays
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Basically my best friend and i have known eachother since high school weve been graduated 4 years now and are neighbors. We both go out of town a lot and have long distance boyfriends. Long story short i saw her for the first time in a while and was so a
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by RylieClow
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Okay, so I see this guy at church once every three weeks or so, he only attends my church when he is on the worship team, about once a month (he is in a few teams across churches). I see him but havent been introduced. Im also pretty shy, Im not able t
Posted in Dating and Shy People by FirstDates
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I've been in an FWB with someone for about a month, and the sex has been fantastic. There's been cuddling on her couch, passionate kisses and hugs before I leave, sometimes long hugs where she exhales. About a week ago I had a really off night in be
Posted in Sex and Romance by thadderbox
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I have 2 sisters and feel it would be unfair to announce our pregnancy to one first before the other. One lives fairly close and I see her all the time. The other lives in a different state so I rarely get to see her. I would love to tell them both at
Posted in Pregnancy by midnight_orchid
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Hey guys! Im not so knowledgeable on the dating scene. Im 21 yr old guy in college never really had a gf... Ive thought about getting into online dating but I was wondering how many ppl actual have success with the platform and what sites are good for
Posted in Dating Advice by Gtakid
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Hey everyone! Just wondering if the word hangout should be avoided when asking a girl out. On one hand it keeps a first date casual but Ive heard that it can be misleading too. Im always afraid that Im messing things up with my word choice or my date
Posted in Conversational Tips by Gtakid
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I'm so ing hurt. I'm fifteen and my girlfriend never treats me like a boyfriend. She never say I love you, she only says I love you when I do, she talks to her friends more than she talks to me she never talks to me about what is happening around us but
Posted in Trust and Relationships by Brino
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So I got the text last Friday, responded lightly, she text again Wednesday, I ignored. So now tonight she texts again Can Griffin come over this weekend Im working all weekend and he missed his doggy friends and he keeps chewing up my shoes I th
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by cantgiveup
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Ok, so here's the situation: I'm i'm a 16 year old guy, and there's this girl I like in my physics class (11th grade, not sure if 16 or 17), she's new at the high school, doesn't seem to have many friends yet. We sit in the same table groups, and talk eve
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by seppe
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It is not personal, I know some people that are disturbing me, they have a lifestyle that intoxicates mine. Even them adding me on IG or Facebook irks me.
Posted in Personal Growth by m.d.
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