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I've been with her for close to 10 months now. I'm 25 she's 20. It's been sorta rule she put on me on the very early days that she doesn't want me to text any other girl on messenger, WhatsApp, etc. etc. She's ok with me talking face to face with them but
Posted in Relationship Commitment by nirm2009
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Hi folks, I've been thinking about cryptocurrencies lately and whether I should participate in that. There's so much news about the controversial Libra (if it's released), the already existing Bitcoin and all the emerging currencies. I was wondering
Posted in Career, Money and Education by greendots
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Can someone e plain the logic in believing that a trigger simply means that your arenít over the one who caused the trigger? My thought is it can go one of both ways. 1. You arenít over your Ex 2. Youíve learned not to fall into the same patterns so a
Posted in Age Gap Relationships by alex17466
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She and I got together after about 3 months of talking, then after a couple months of being together she says she has alot on her plate with family problems, healing from her ex who she broke up with 6 months prior to meeting me, and she lost 2 best frien
Posted in Relationship Advice by Rakim96
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Hi all, Iím pregnant & will be due in 2 months. Iím 23 with a 6 year old stepson. Who is not vaccinated . His dad says itís because he has ďgood immune system ď which I think is idiotic , as I major in science and health sciences Iíve discussed my worries
Posted in Parenting and Families by Layla23
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Came across this on a FB post. I wonder if I have it in me. Has anyone here done something like this, even while there is some resentment, anger, guilt and regret for one's own mistakes that led to split, etc.? Any techniques that could enable the be
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Waraqqa
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hello hello, i hope you are all doing well. so here's the deal, i wrote something here, less than a month ago, about my break up with my one year boyfriend. i'm coming back here for some after break up advices, just as i said back then we work together
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by Riri2019
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Is what Scum English guy felt the need to call out to me from his fancy hotel balcony as I was trying to get home after a very long work day and disappointing venture to a couple of Melbourne venues trying to get out amongst the people. Earlier today
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by 1a1a
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For more context, we both moved back home and are commuting from home for work post grad. He broke off his relationship about a month ago and things picked up where they had left off prior to their relationship (that’s a whole other long story). Anyway,
Posted in Relationship Advice by courtneyross52
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My dad is going through chemo and i been trying so hard to be supportive and help but he gets really angry at me. He doesnt with others... I asked him to please treat me same as others which made him more angry. I know about being supportive. Its hard
Posted in Parenting and Families by jellybean2018
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My sort-of ex went on a break with his new girlfriend that he left me for. And now wants me sexually saying Iím the best heís ever had and no woman has come close to me in his life. Iíve slept with him once on a break and once he got back with her. I felt
Posted in Relationship Advice by eeba272
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Ugh I donít really know where to start with this. Iíve been dating my girlfriend for almost a year now. Iím 18 and sheís 17 and we met through work last year. I never imagined things would work out between us but we started hanging out and we ended up dat
Posted in Breaking Up Advice by Nman4141
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ok a little backstory!! thereís this guy who came into the restaurant i work at and ordered something, but he was a few dollars short so i used some of my tip money to cover him (i felt bad and he was nice lol). on his way out he called to me and was like
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by lillianviola
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Hey guys following my last two posts my ex has been sending me some mixed messages. Iíve cut down on the FWB and I went NC last week which only lasted two days since he messaged me (and I gave in). Following this, he has been initiating contact with me ev
Posted in Getting Back Together by Ellaho
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Story of my life is that Iím really ugly. 16 female. I havenít had any normal teenage experience, a boy has never glanced my way, and u may be like oh you are so young but I feel like Iím going to be alone forever or have settle in a bad relationship. I c
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by RachelGellar
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My fwb of now went through my phone and found the name of someone I still talk to.He made a post on Facebook and used my friend's name on the post. I did share the post with my friend to see what he thinks. Even he said that he must have went through my
Posted in Relationship Communication by honeybun35
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Good morning everyone, So hereís my story. Iíve always wanted to be a mother and have a big family. During my 30ís I was in a very long relationship. We tried being pregnant for years. Years of fertility treatments, pain, and all my savings spentÖand
Posted in Personal Growth by Cannelle
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So I think I have made a mistake, and ruined what could have been a good thing. I have known this guy for a few years now, just acquaintances really, as he has worked at various pubs and venues in my area. An older publican warned me against him, sayi
Posted in Relationship Advice by Mac83
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Iíll try to keep things brief. Long story short, I have had an on and off relationship with a man for 1 year. We have agreed to be exclusive each time we have been ďon.Ē The whole relationship I have been a bit guarded, simply because he is very private a
Posted in Infidelity by dino7994
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I'm in love with my coworker. However, she has a boyfriend so I cant tell her. we've hung out alone together before and she definitely seems to enjoy being with me. and she talks to me about absolutely everything and we make good eye contact and I feel
Posted in Relationship Advice by drivenfuture
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