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This is gonna be long sorry in advance I started dating this guy a little over a month ago Iíve been single for 3 years and was not looking for a relationship bc iím moving cross country for school at the end of the month. We became serious...
Posted in Dating Advice by yellowhart
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Hello, my bf and I have been together for 2 years now. The first year we both lived in the same state, and together briefly. The first half of our relationship was rocky, probably we rushed into it. So we didn't /still don't have a solid foundation....
Posted in Dating Advice by MoonlitDance
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Hey all, I'm back and in need of some guidance. Earlier this year I was involved in a painful breakup. I struggled but all is now good and I feel much better. I've since met someone else, we were sort of friends previously but had never dated...
Posted in Relationship Advice by Rb1980
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Hey. So my girlfriend and I broke up about a year ago, mainly because we never saw eachother outside of work cause of her family. We were fighting a lot, and I was feeling lonely. I have a really close girl friend I started to develop feelings for...
Posted in Relationship Advice by CyberQuinn
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Let me say upfront, our whole family can swim and I grew up swimming and have no particular fear of water. We love swimming pools, the beach and going to the river. That being said, my husband has a friend who lives on a lake and owns a couple...
Posted in Parenting and Families by TownsendLife
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Hi, Iím one of those that really dislikes pre-date phone calls. Iíve done only one and it turned out to save time eliminating him but half of me wondered if the phone call itself was part of the issue. He sounded odd, the conversation...
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by FirstDates
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My ex(17F) and I(18M) broke up in March. I spent some time trying to get her back and she started ignoring me, I went no contact and reached out and she ignored my first attempt to re-establish contact, so I waited for about two weeks, and reached...
Posted in Getting Back Together by Jordan21
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Hello everyone, Iím not doing well at the moment. Things arenít going the way I want them to be. But thatís life, right? Social media and comparing my life to others is killing me. Iím 28 years old, been single for 1 year now after an...
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Pikachu
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My dad was very abusive when growing up. He was physically abusive to my sisters/mother and emotionally abusive frequently. He was very mentally ill often so my mothers/sisters saw this as part of his symptoms and moved past it. I couldn't, and...
Posted in Parenting and Families by EggThrow
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This is pure torture. There's so much to this story that it might be hard to keep track with. I was friends with the pastor's daughter--and I stress friends--we never did anything that suggested otherwise---literally all we did is talk online and...
Posted in Friendship and Friends by drivenfuture
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I've always had some anxiety, but it's gotten extremely bad this year. I have a psychiatrist appointment in a couple of weeks, but meanwhile I'm feeling this desperate loneliness and worry. I know it's partly situational- working at home, not being...
Posted in Personal Growth by PinkMoonlite
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If you (female) had a friend (male) that invites you out and the last 3 times you have given them these responses what should the male friend interpret from them? The male hasnít always given a lot of prior notice to the female. 1. Oh I wish I...
Posted in Dating Advice by m6r18p65
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Together for three years. We moved in together about 1.5 years ago. I was initially most attracted by her kindness. She exudes kindness... she probably has the kindest eyes Iíve ever seen. She has a pet that she dotes on as well, and seeing how...
Posted in Relationship Advice by Momoba
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I recently went on a fifth date with a really great girl. She is very sweet and kind. Our conversations are effortless. She treats me amazingly and does everything you want the person your dating to do. Despite this, I feel like there is something...
Posted in Dating Advice by dmveep
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Hey everyone. So recently my ex and I got back together after a year and a half apart. We started talking about getting back together a little less than a year ago. When we broke up, I had a sort of rebound with a friend. I was confused and...
Posted in Trust and Relationships by Lizafrog
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Hey all, I've been going to this cafe for a number of years - there's a new girl who started working there at the start of this year - she's super attractive. Anyway, I've noticed her more in the recent few months - she is always really smiley...
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by crazyfast
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Hello everyone, Iím currently having a difficult situation with my future mother in law. My fiancť and I have been engaged for about two months and dating for about 2.5 years and have lived together for 1 year. I met my fiancťís family soon...
Posted in Relationship Advice by cotalava
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Hello. I am a 26-year-old girl who feels completely alone, devastated, exhausted, and unwilling to fight anymore. Please, don't judge or insult me as this is the last thing I need since I try my best fight and heal my invisible wounds. I am a...
Posted in Personal Growth by raquellexxx
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Letís say you briefly dated someone in your past (think ~2 months, start to finish), things were going pretty great and the interest was mutual, but you ultimately decided to end things before a serious relationship was established. Let's...
Posted in Getting Back Together by joyce
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My girlfriend and I have been together for a year and 4 months, and were in a Ďcomplicatedí friendship for 2 years before that. We come from a society where dating is frowned upon, so only our mothers and some other friends and family from her...
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by Throwaway391
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